Stride Magazine -



Elevators moving freely between floors
together heads arms shoulders
a parcel between perhaps a basket a bag
where is the continuity
outside the cold air gleams
ocean birds pass along the same line as trains
in the distance another world mirroring this one
elevators storms on the far horizon
our hands together a parcel perhaps
the door open blinds half closed
scent of flowers reminders
elevators moving freely between floors
outside the windows rapid shadows
arms within wings without.


Our hands on fruit
as if all the ancient gods were to witness
this bounty restored
gentle nourishment renewed
our hands on the rind of a Spanish orange
the snow on the window ledge almost invisible
the dove's passing witnessed
stroke of noon or the late afternoon lull


Seeds left on a white plate
grape or cucumber
the pealing off of rind or skin
a fanciful plate of lemon or apple
heavy peal of orange or pomegranate
the light is mirrored on your lips
each infinite cell of sun
a texture seen from the point of view
of air crossing outside the window


Given from above this flowing outward
startling the limbs with the intensity of light
a stroking of the veins where the sun cannot touch
reminding the weight of another lining
a second seeding of attention
when hands are silent
and the body's core
rests without will.


Vertical as long as night is wrapped firmly
around the chest pulled up tightly to chin and ears
moved gently against the wall where shadows linger
a tiny pinpoint of light dancing across
is this the wealth of Venus or the largesse of Jupiter
seen as we enter the darkness lightly
moving within our own sphere
closing off the light of day
with a gesture seen from above
witnessed as confirmation and appeal
silence and gratitude
the slumbering of the body's weight
moving along the spine of the day
as a river as a rain as light removed

            Andrea Moorhead 2003