Metabolism is an awkward word which takes a long time to say.

On Sports Day, the winning sprinters were hoisted aloft. They were stars, and their bright medals were stars.

The Society for the Deceleration of Time is based in Austria.

My Happiest Moments:
Seated on a bench in the garden, staring.
Seated on the bench in the garden, aware that I`m staring.

"the whole morning removing a comma, and the rest of the afternoon putting it back."

On the waltzers, paralysed by centrifuge, a crescent of vomit sliding toward you along the seat.

The 1st txt I evr snt took me abt n hr. I resrve th rght 2 refuse 2 grw a vry long thmbnail

jst 4 tht purpse or use prentheses n colons 2 mke slly faces whch r spposd 2 shw u care.


or move somewhere with a high unemployment rate say 10%
and buy to let cash with a mortgage on your own house
or sell up move on to a small market town with no market
or sell up start a business a cafe or shop
or sell up trade down and work in a supermarket
or sell up buy bigger let rooms sharing one toilet
or sell up buy a park home and watch it depreciate
or make the move abroad and sit night after night
in the knees-up bar with dislocated ex-pats
or bone up on plants or goats and buy a remote
smallholding neighbours plot to burn

or stay working three jobs to pay for the roof
or stay and marry the handyman divorcee
or stay and rent rooms in your home sharing one toilet
or wait it out for the pension you wont get
or wait out your induction into the system
via infection or affliction
or stay and improve yourself with a degree
in business studies specialising in estate agency
or the law and its fine language of litigation
which caresses like right in a world
where accidents never happen

or sell up and move back to idealism
or sell up and move to hold on to something
or sell up and rent a nightmare room
or sell out and embrace the stifling climate
or sell what`s left and laugh like an apocalyptic hermit
or stop and fix the clocks to a gone dream
or stop and stop thinking about anything
or stop pretending choices might mean what they seem
or stop and smile at the smaller picture
or stop and start over and over and over
or stop

or move to a seaside town with one factory
or move to a cheap place cheery with air-borne poison
or move to a beauty spot of potential meltdown
or move to a place of lonely reason
or move to have everything torn down
or stay and make good with nods to the stayers
or stay and help yourself to the discarded goods
or stay and wonder where knowing went
or stay in the mud hole you like like an elephant
or stay and write about being left
or stay because going would be the same


Swift harm full-on, the drop
and shatter of cups in a kitchen.
Brain bleed and truant loved-one
-shaped parcel with eyes.

Breathing like soup on the boil,
without the soup.
I came home empty, to face
his face in the pattern of the curtains.

Finally, he looked dead rather than peaceful,
his top set hanging unstuck
and waxy residue on my skin.
I couldn`t wash enough.

[from Honeysuckle, No]

"Deep inside, far beneath the shell, is where I lay. You could penetrate to a certain extent, but then it gets tougher and tougher to get in, and you never get completely inside."
 Arne Naess

I say "Disregard the long black leather coat, curls etc. These are not to use."
I button, unbutton, fuss; use them anyway.

His mother tapped and tapped. It made no sense to him, though she wrote why.
My mother

The Norwegian deep ecologist described himself as a Freudian panzercharakter.
The emotionally absent gift their offspring with nacre.

Americans say you can`t eat your cake and have it.
The English version was always a source of confusion.

I grew up with Sindy, Barbie, and Skipper. None of my friends had Ken.
The boys were always on bikes or torturing something.

He says he made a decision, to reject belonging.
His little sister believed he was a monster.

"My younger son has tried to die - it makes no sense though he wrote why."
Love needs to be referenced, or we might never break out.

"All your life, you will love whatever loves me - waters and clouds and silence"
said la lune, after kissing the child in it`s cot.

Let`s talk about objectification. Let`s not.
Let`s jump bail, kick over the traces, paint the town before the town`s blown down.

I believe I know what I`m playing at. That`s the truth.
Please, please don't, be my dumb moon-favoured muse.

         Sandra Tappenden 2005