the naked brick and stone the
empty skin of the river open
and flexing slowly
 the disinfectant sun
 its billions of microscopes looking
 into the space where pointing has fallen
 from the brickwork
cars cross the ends of backalleys
their excited outbreaths
the diamond future laughing window
where her hair works
 where double doors close on the tails of fairies
  cube-world of
  synthetic essentials
   at the single-species mall
 to this: grass
              a pink leaf
          as always
indelible September
statistics on spontaneous combustion needed
        interviews with bystanders
              : the cloud clears
  the actor still stands there
            I wanted to dream
            I dreamt I am ///
 the river feeds the canal
         its rule from serpents          all this rain
 praying mantis podia effluvium
      speech bleed hostages
   tiptoe along death
              it's always
          nevertheless her arms
   or the palms of her hands
   enter flight
   the far blue
  boxes and heads
 boxes of heads
    and at the corridor's end
  children in a swimming pool
         with grazed knees
   bloody noses
 rage falls tar from a truck
            roads of rage
            kerbs of rage
        what can change?
  a tunnel leading out of earth
           a conker's shell
   the cold worm
    the worm's cast
    how the universe will look at it
    will turn around it
 queues of gestapo spectators call for moderation
  I am dreaming
          each era of a massive beech tree
          that dancing
 mime of the-moment-of-arrival snow
           the ceiling oppresses and pities us
         we pity ourselves
  our laughter pities us
 rooms too small for trees
       where trees listen
        so wise and lovable and silent
        they must leave
    never to return
    and always returning
   they say nothing
     beyond us
light severs the ultimatum
matters of principle will break our hearts

          Keith Jafrate 2006