Family comes before friendship (wake up call). Cleanliness comes
Before power (wash your face). Sometimes a question has two correct
Answers, and sometimes none at all. Education (speak to me!)
Teaches us that we have an awful lot to learn.
Getting old sucks. Youth is the playground of angels (people with wings).
If you fall from a great height you will not be alone (jump).
No matter how fast you run you will always be caught
By the dogs and dragged back to jail. Mud sticks. (I am currently in hiding.)
Happiness is faked (smiling). Sadness is synonymous
With honesty (photograph). The sky is the umbrella under which
Life and death and concrete and quicksand
Mingle endlessly. Industry is the grindstone upon which
OneŐs  nose should be endlessly put (leaflet/tract/junk mail). Love can happen
But only during leisure time, we are so busy! To have a small grasp
Of history and philosophy is better than having no grasp at all I think I thought.

The Bible is very long and very confused but looks good on a shelf.
All belief systems  are only systems (calendar habit)
In the same way as traffic management, turn left, turn right,
Or the care of the clinically depressed, turn left, turn right,
Is only one way of looking at a problem and making it worse. (Better off dead.)
Cynicism is acceptable and integrity is optional.
The accumulation of wealth is the birthright of every
Citizen (religion). There are three kinds of people: men, women,
And professional women. A Chinese woman told me that on Tuesday.
The design of our home is the mirror that betrays us (donŐt argue).
A genius will not waste time precious time short time
Thinking about their hair (in my next life I want to be a hairdresser).

Do a good job (artisan) and you will sleep easy at night (boring advice).
Self-confidence comes with age, age comes with failure (experience),
Failure comes  with each rising sun. Honesty is one policy among many.
Saying what you think has to be weighed against
Saying what you think you should think. Keep your head down.
Keep your head up. It doesnŐt matter what you say
Because your eyes will tell the truth. (The eyes are the windows of the heart.)
People cannot be trusted (friendship). People can be trusted
As far as you can throw them (friendship).
Trickery is a skill admired by many. Read the small print.
If you get the chance (here, take it) be the person who writes
The small print (life under microscope). Inaction can be taken to mean
Complicity (do). Freedoms have to be restricted. Is it alright to say that?
The eyes of the world (open/closed) are always on you. What you say
Should have urgency. Words should not be wasted (wasted).

       © Martin Stannard 2006