I. Moving Stillness

from here    to    speech &          hare    under dog's    stare
by a    liquid    on a rock             frozen as grass    cased
slipping electric    ally along       in ice we are    still    here
a wheel's revolution films           here is still an owl's
frames    blur & pull an               still    shadow    still an owl's
eye    sleepily or speedily            shadow molecules gripped
into & out of the    fast                in crystal    chains air
clouds slipping along distance    thick    as glass    granite sat
& through space    we    wheel    on ground    patient    as
along our    journey                     nowhere clenched in gone
packing the contents of               stare at the rock &    the
our house to    move    to             look that bangs    back    at you
the next    life &    a world's        is stillness    your body grinds
emotions    boil    in a                  as cold invades soft
mouth & spurt    from                  with    solid old    space
lips to swirl    out then    in          in the    sky has    collapsed
to an ear & another world's         & the battle is    over with
motions    of fear    or                  its horrible    silence & the
peace or lust emerge                   snap of    light    on film
from    another    mouth fast       the grip of    image the
& swirl   into    another's            imprisonment of rush
ears & so    a speech                   flow    captured jagged
moves into another's speech       unchangeable sounds    a
and a voice    moves through      melody with   out time an
another's voice &    longing       impossible    song without    seconds
or hating are    arranged              or minutes the    absolute
in    motion so    a music             zero of a    god's    grave in
is    felt as time    moves             the still dark    of    space a hard
outside a cage of    gone's not     hole of    iced lightless silence

II.  Moving Conversions

a mouth spurts    solid old    space words
convert movements to    words   a mouth
sucks liquid-new    substance inspiration

        replaces still


a swirl into another's    imprisonment    of rush
a cage whose bars are    speed & change   a
whoosh of a lock's    tumblers a lover's    fall

         into a bound    less    boxed other


another's voice longing    impossible    song with
out seconds or minutes a voice    moving through
melody without    time    hating arranged minutes'

    absolutes loving moving    without    space


a wheel's revolution films    here's    still owl to
slip revolt there's owl's    soundless    flight plays

headlights & shutter   -whirr attempt    capture
now's owl's sudden    ghostly    swoop    cuts

the engine ticking    over    after crash then's
slow    motions    of final    scenes    move    on


along our journey nowhere    clenches    gone so
yesterday    will   move slowly away   I try to
imagine flying birds without    motion    so I am

        close   to our time without  its space


another's speech moves un   changeable sounds
another's speech changes unmov   able sounds
another's speech    sounds    unmovable changes

speech   -sounds move    a    changeable other
speech   -moves    change    another's sound
changed speech    others    a sound-move chang

ed sound-moves speak another


as time moves    the    still dark of    space
our earth spins whilst    the    flowing dark
face of earth trickles through human fingers


clouds slip along distance    thick    as glass
the ground    near    to my feet rushes    past
I cannot stand still    as    the world turns be

neath this sky's hot lens


through space    we    wheel on ground    our
ground wheels through space   we rough heels
pace round    go    eels race through our ponds
will we    grace    our round peals   our ploughs
turn earth    our planet    revolves    through

space we wheel on ground


emotions boil as cold invades soft
lovers in ice move through minds

as the still zero settles its    halo
what was told hot unfolded fast


eyes sleep    ily & speed    ily shadow molecules
sight follows particle    logic    virtual skin feels

a trickle of electrons as sweat    down    a spine


frames blur and    pull still
shadows    a movie-maker
melts stills    across    eyes


from here to    speech    a hare under dog's stare
from yelp to race    a child's flowing    tears

from    blood    to soul    a story being    told
from here    to then    is    then to    there

from    sniff to poem    a    man's hunger from
here to speech    a hunted to hunting    beast


in    motion a zero
of a god's    grave

we bury self    in
a    still centre of



into    & out of fast crystal chains   a per
petual solution as perpetual    solid stuck
fast to    speed    a perpetual motion    a

computer    flick   -flacks zeros &    ones
a chemist in a lab    just    realising the in

        stant of a blast


lips swirl the sky has collapsed a kiss
of wind speaks flying debris    puffed
cheeks    and then    a tongue's arrow

bang on target    down    a voice-box
a vortex    roaring in a world's throat


molecules of fear &    horrible    silence atom
ised raw air voices   billions    of square meters

of skin sore    count    down to zero's absolute
mobilise    electron messengers   mobilise

computed troops    mobilise cathode-ray tubes
declare TV war    -ning we    are    at red alert

radiate error radiate error radiate error mobilise
mutated organic    molecules    for final flow


our house    to move to    with solid old    space
where reverie is    so    solid &    young with its



outside is    gone's    hole of iced light   
less silence    inside is    arrival's  whole

melted bright    sound


peace & lust emerge    fast from a mouth
quick-touch    hatches    its tongue warm

    -voiced loose    movements    spill


the next    life a world's
snap of    light on    film

a celluloid body revolved
projects    its sexy ghost


slipping    electrically    along on ice
we are still here in our speed    though

the electric whiz of ice on skin seems
to burn us see    -through slipping quicker

as our slope deepens trees    tangle fast
enings & dances in    blur    our fingers

meet    electricity moves through with us
moves through    us    moves us    arrival

& moving have merged


the next life    &    the world are
stillness your    body    grinds this
life & a heaven is movement your

soul breathes


a    speech's flow    captured   
jagged but    we makers heat
each    icicle-syll    able till it


         Mark Goodwin 2006