from Moving Woods

I must find the figures of what has actively been left to reducible forest stripped para-intimate, gentle-exiled a world tall over, semi-naked from origin half earth in the stalking folds.


a disposition like
embraceable motion
in whose tree-core
throws it shelter


They slope, cool dust until slippage, to the hanger but move as we are, motes of shade.  The openness of hanging woods is motile descent, as slopes rotate an unvarying ration down the vertical.

Alongside, once through trees, the motion looked too dressed with infinition, but what slides is to show what covers is moved, the jump to a layerable until horizon's.

pull tree across tree
without easing the lull
of shelter, distribute
rapid woodland
racing the encroachment

A tree-mania in lieu of hope in the woods, but too lightly striking a step of root over root for any 'fixist' excess to get blindness from its attrition to place: where the no-hold (dazzling) gives an unstripped step.


rare random habitats
moving about common hold
accelerate imperceptible
remnants unwrapping
steerable surround

Accompanied origin which crops edge for horizon: the boundary stripped at unporous juncture sharing out the overarching travel of it. If tree moving tree does a preservation run, tree holding tree is an unrevoked pursuant.

how woods move through spoils
potent with contaminant agility

static betide fluxes but
hang across in semi-arid
systems, jumper to pinion

Private turbulence of stowing the next move, allowing it incisive travel along the coil of mid-slope. Zonate leaf-jump, crawl goes under a spansion of the woods, short instances ahead of universal distances.

spinal hook
flinging out
aligns a tailing
slow enough to
draw down horizon-pull

Movement was disturbed and sufficiently segment-defective, but enough severally if tree-crown relocates where shelter leads its journey scarce to complete beyond primal welter.


offshore sediment
onshore horizon
for simplest collar
prehensile root
polling its hold


Barriers of brush give the moving by remonstrating the threat, speed indicates to empty fuel, accelerates a wheeling plain because not crossing it before one branch interspokes the thin axle play of another.


differentiated intrapath
forages likes of cover
within striding range of
fidelity to non-
transient departure

Substantial in remaining a portion spill-assisted, tread-channels of boundary creasing by root, not to take the step it is of shoot. Leap the runnels and there is pool of leafiest silt, horizon fetches very mobile content off woodland.

motor root will pool
cranes of stems
spread uppermast

it gears what tree
will spine, vertical be-
setting is onto-
logical speed
the stint horizon sprints


Forest accumulators resort mobile to wood pieces culminating key paces. Wood percussive, a thrown simple moves a grown ample, sheltering beckons to be in flight among the strips of participation.

how do trees
slow us to folder
speed, the vertical
stitch in movement?

You knew access to phantasmic shelter, the turn-over of truth along a meta-recess where berooted trunk rolls positive clearance. Movement of plant material from sources of origin, choice of deep cover, when to move as strong as the course in origin.

Motoric ante-pathways to greendate urbanisation? Not desertful projectives off temple threshold, sacral consummates which step the not, but greendead pathos of a travelling burden of reserve.


Letting in vertical manoeuvre during blunt storm events. A motion of heavy forest counts for environmental bearing in the tall run. Spasm of wind in the reversed narrows with broad tree sucking forest canopy. Saplings tumble their side-stems upright, supplied for the corrective outcramming of whole stands.

trees cross moving
companies, thriving west
through piny rows in
north drift. Woods cross
moving search, aim
taller for ground error

humus-mediated moves
trans-latent local
material, a dart lodged
in pitted membrane
fletches hollow and
flies coniferous woods

Curved obstacles with infinite wakes, steadied to vertical thorough plane never cured of flow. The range of sanctuary to sanctuary not just aslope but moving earlier than slippage.

          Peter Larkin 2006