define 'sins of the father':

remember the girl in third grade,
what was her name with hollow eyes
skin the colour of gospel secrets and
a mother always hiding a sibling inside
behind her belly button,

he worked overtime that girl's father
in the workplace of sin;

define sin in the workplace
like the boys' choir
the scout patrol
the casting couch in the dentist chair
slips of glass in packets of spice and

how many audition for the three wise monkeys?
remember the girl with hollow eyes.

define awakening:

like when a tadpole, with humility of course,
taps the sleeping shoulder of the frog
or the caterpillar peeking lazy from beneath
the eyelid of the butterfly sets alarm bells ringing
as it bids goodbye, while the sun duty bound
strides the parapets of nature unlocking doors
unlocking doors;

daylilies marigolds blue-eyed grass all raising
arms to Ra Amaterasu Helios and all the gods
of heat and light   
past and still to be invented ..... hallelujah hallelujah;

define hallelujah
as pollen bees en masse trained from birth
seek the exit,
in tandem with the bather in the Ganges
that moment a man discovers ..... hallelujah and
a mother at Lourdes discovers  in tune
with nomads coming in from the sleep
they also all ..... point the finger at the butterfly.

define that mirror of no return:

that wall-less wall where no wall stands
where Snow White blinded by the white
unstrings the package of shattered glass
your address-less face waiting in wait
at the dead letter office.


define half empty:

the pool of stories in the fantasy garden of childhood,
bottom half empty top half full
playing grown-up beneath shade sails of lilac water
lilies darting dragon flies and virgin frogs not yet kissed;

half empty is the madman's mind
half stuffed with madness
half full is the poor girl's dowry
half empty will her bed remain
half empty the gambler's poker hand of spades
half filled with diamonds,

define fantasy
back in the garden we share a cup
beneath the cherry blossom Lao-Tzu and I
mine half empty
his half full.

define that first day:

the first of all days
opening with fanfare the baritonic voice
of volcanoes cacophony of colour sight and sound
of crimson cockatoos slicing virgin skies
of jigsaw puzzles jostling to be suited.

snow does not fit into the steaming desert
the crow is mis-matched with a wallaby's pouch
while the snake slots smooth into grass;

on this the birth of all days
on break a leg day
on the birth of the blues
on seas finding a level
mountains wandering lost
on fireworks,
He lit the wick first day on the job
and working round the clock finished in six.


     © Josef Lesser 2006