Hoght Liuse


ho!    use is all    floors & walls of a per    son's
birth the street    & field outside fit    into each
window times    over also    wrap bricks with

near & distant    sounds the stairs    & wardrobe
crush    in on an a    lone space & bring    out
gleams of hiding    the roof    is at a star    t of

distance and wears    itself like a hat    each tile is
the silk punch on a pia    no made of a child breath
ing in some nursery kitchen    smells squiggle

through air and up    the chimney to    1976 at 1976
the whole house col    lapses    into a party of play
ers in the drawers    fighters in the clocks begin

to clean a house with the    999 id    eas each idea
is    soft but pre    cise by    a time    a house has
been a home for three families    the shine on

each house-syllable projects the faces & breaths
of all the private dramas the house presented to
the audience of its    self a house    at    an end

of a    street has big    windows made from cat
-bones & river-    water slip    into the house via

                           the back-tree


light squ    eezes through    openness its    efforts
make vast wheeze like a    god's    problem voice

solving a blank whole of the no    thing    light a
cross earth pulls plants into th    oughts    reach

beams of light over    water wrestle    with neon bones
under water    moon's light sp    ends itself into a well

the sound of light at night is sweeter than the bittering
of    sun the jet    of photons tight as ice cuts    the dark

mind    open the halves    of dark mind are hot with
the blade    gleam animals    grow from the division

the awakening of light was caused by Mrs Black
switch    ing the soot in    her he    art her    new

soot met    with Mr Black's he    at & the fuse    of
possibility hurt    o    ever so    much the long finger

of light feels through tree    tops and ploughs wet
grass and scrapes    over rock mountain tops    un

til it    points to a whole in a sky    where    no
finger points    back but    a god's not being his    ses

                   with a go    ddess's laser


house is all floors &    walls light     squeezes
through the    street's openness - its effort makes

a person's     birth the field    outside fits into
each vast god problem    voice solving the window

many times over wrap the bricks    with near nothing
distant    sounds The     stairs & light across Earth's

pull wardrobes    crush in on the light alone    spaces
bring out the plants into thought's reach    gleams

of hiding    roof beams of light    over water at the
start distance wrestles with neon    bones a silk

punch spends itself a piano    made from the sound
of    light a child    breathes kitchen night    sweeter

smells squiggle through sun bittering up the chimney
jet photons tight as ice at 1976     the whole house cuts

the dark mind open    party halves of dark    mind
players in the drawer are hot with the    blade the clock   

begins gleam    animals grow    999 cleans the house
with division    each idea is awakening light soft but

precise by the    caused    Mrs Black switching    time the
house    has been the soot in    her heart her home

for three families' new soot met with Mr She    shine
on each house blacks    heat the fuse    syllable projects

the faces of possibility hurt over the breaths of all the
private light feels through    tree the house    presented

ploughs through    wet    the audience of itself grass
scrapes over    rocks the house    the end of the mountain

tops until it streets big    windows point to the whole
made from cat-bones & sky where no finger points river

water slip    into the back of    God's not    being house
via the back    tree hisses    with Goddess's laser


somelight       house is
all walls &         floors

light squeezes through
a            person's birth

fits         each into vast

a   sea-distance solves
a    window        many

times                    over

horizon            sounds
bring                      out

thought's lit        reach
dark    halves of minds

on sea             collapse
a smell       through air

use                       is all
for                         safe 

     Mark Goodwin 2007