'This poem never ends and tomorrow
 is waiting to get its words in.'
     - David H.W. Grubb, 'This Poem Never Ends'

'Everything is surface and appearance.
 To be is to be perceived.'
      - Steven Shapiro, Connected

'I like to satisfy the crowd with absences'
      - Peter Dent, 'Sort and Classify'


absolute isolation   days empty by design
an edge   an iridescence   difference & change defined
understanding social space   real people's lives
combine materials produced   jazz on weekday nights

blanks & dots inserted   landmarks along the way
learning to read language   applied geology
certain of the future   gauze where eye should be
mapping the human coastline   mental activity

overburdened by weight of vision   squatting on railway land
rusted bolts on Brunel's bridge   influence & change
the public never consulted   forces outside control
count the cost of trespass   international youth revolt

give everyone permission   control your human face
co-operative decisions   please appear to dance
cognition & perception   introduce yourself
verbal integration   that   for now   is all


silver tide horizon    flooded silver fields
went for a long morning walk   gloves & hat required
remind myself where we now live   why we moved down here
abandoned boats and mudflats   new grass on the quay

wind effects & structures   maps drawn & thrown away
housing works in situ   our conservation zone
fast expanding village   never-ending work
living without tension   collateral damage done

entertain enigmas   friends who never call
same familiar paintings   hung on our new walls
books I love on my shelves   the same old lack of time
no sense of identity   what is or isn't mine

themes & variations   burnt-out nervous system
conversation & discussion   answers in the wind
collapsing ecosystem   I know who I am
wrote this without flinching   knowing who I am


reach beyond the metaphor   to actual transformation
attempt a kind of portraiture   grasp the instant light
photo image of a star   imprinted on your psyche
all of them good looking   go out & press the flesh

idiotic yet industrial   gigs were such a waste
recurring chord progression   audiences yelled abuse
multimedia panic   autographed CDs
words & images conspire   the story never leaves

old council donkey-jacket   a confused startled look
an end to private property   things moving much too fast
conspiracy & violence   bombs on the top deck  
it's not like I want trouble   it just seemed a good idea

I don't know why   or remember how   I simply never cared
always wanted to conquer the world   despite our different tastes
songs with childlike insistence   'oh baby I love you'
not perceived by human gaze   stopped time coming true


a certain pattern promised   a circle still concealed
ash & bone on shoreline   dancing out-of-breath
bubblegum in the playground   a calendar of kids
cosmic pebbles & diamond dreams   crocuses in flower

there are devils in my attic   conscience has disappeared
old habits in a sunbeam   dried-out paper leaves
fiery plume at sunset   rain collected in a pool
tiny evergreen footprints   songs that make god dance

words in perpetual motion   music's sacred sound
tumbleweed & corral   sourdough & playhouse gold
a miracle   a guiding hope   intersecting paths
perfumed dust & sunlight   no-one else is home

house absorbing moonbeams   all of me is gone
destiny & promises   rainbows   raindrops   stars
remember me   remember me   whispers resurrection
dance on wormwood rafters    in the country of desire

          Rupert M Loydell 2007