a cup of    sea    please a ship    slips a window   
pane    fractured triangular pillars    Asparagus

Bishop Gull Bellows    sail-line-white wrinkles
rising to tidal cream-brown rising    to black sea

-cleaned Serpentine rising    to must    ard green
lichen & a silvery    sea-gull-shit-streak    frayed

Lizard's gentle    torments torment    il heath    er
louse    wort yel    low rattle    hissy clatter of sud

den drizzle pas    sing to darken a pebble    a cup
of sea I sip at land's serrated edge a ship    slips

glass a pane of tight    sea smooth clear between
teeth    -white mullions a horizon    is miniature in

crystal bending a tempt    sea at    emptsea a cup
of sea spills past white-painted window latches

smears its spacey glass I swig    a container ship's
squeaks    its wet finger across a horizon's clean

pane a massive    fly crawls over a ship's needle
bow I wake    in a cup of curveless    glass as a

shiny wake of    scratches an in    coming tide's
people a so    aked mass of straggling beliefs I sip

at sea smiles frowns laughter tears slowly fill a
cove cover over our    pebbles are under people

see    through humans    bending light letting words
evolve like    fish an in    coming tide's city of

wobbling buildings fl    owing over s    ands and
Serpentine    rock's child's    smacked hand mag

nified down to imp    acting aeons in a cup of sea
scolds if spilled on flesh's forge    tting a horizon

s ship is as sharp    eye-grit night will    blink again
st but for now day's blue inflates    a warship's grey

prongs & whale car    case hull make agreements
with a cup of sea in which I'm ship-shape dropping

a teaspoon    anchor my face    reflected in it it shat
ters my glass inter    i    or with the tiniest vast clunk


grass fractures    sunlight a garden    is a mouth & my
footsteps grow across old cool green it is    a tree to a
left that watches me    most a cedar is    a wardrobe of

young souls hah rhododendrons    have dragons' eyelids
and a pigeon in a button    -hole of an even    ing recites
what I'd like to    think in low blow    n tones    notes

birdsong is a cla    shing of moons & stars organ    ised
and oiled by a ghost's living    bits grass is    text vertical
verses of green in rows    dried grass's a miniature nation's

remains    a neat hay smell of these remn    ants if un-mini
aturised would ex    pand to a bit    ter    vastness paving   
stones are seg    ments of th    ick skin    shed by a history

of mowing to a    right is pulling    up blades of light and sn
apping a moment across a t    own's back foxgloves    speak
a deep tunnel's forgotten    smells ivy    is a desire for cloth

mag    nified thous    ands of times something    virile sighs
and rasps through grass like a growing rash and wraps round
a godly grayle that was lost and left on a metal bench in a fa

mous dead man's childhood den a white table    & chairs feel
someone else's    stillness it is not an insect's    decision it is
not a fox's it    is mine a birdbath    is a place of ruin for rain's

                            p    roofs of nothing    so


I. Skin Dip

segments of water     -mesh  ripple    where wind wears    inter
spersed with smooth    see    through sleek eye    -parts    lake takes
my shape even    whilst the bank    holds    on to my foot bones

mud mouths suck    each silent    under surface squelch    is a
footstep through a lewd sentence I wave    invites to your    eyes
so you dare your soles to the earth's    soup of imagined    horror

wriggles    our shapes slake    thirst on black underwater    smoke
the smell    of ditch slicks our skins as a    clearcloak of water
rises & wraps around our    throats    your body is a wave    ring

flag in a wind of wet    touch    your limbs are streamers    ghost
like whilst your solid head pokes in    to a breathable world summer
willows are all speeches stitched green & fishily quivering vis

ions reflected the    sun's    shattered phonemes gleam    as bits of
day condensed on wavelet crests    my head pro    seeds through bob
bing light-blue-bright hyphens of    damsel fly flotillas the    shrish

of breeeze through    reeds is a reading done by some god of a novel 
he/she has    written for water whilst    I swim    gentle & delicate
ringing-glugs of surface against    my chin & neck is    anything   

but poetry I am naked with    doubts about the safety of my penis    I
slip through a warm layer close to air o    but below    when I let my
legs dangle    in some feminine    way     that's dark i    feel     cold

crystal flowing    i/I    feel    depths hold    eyes    loosening    my
erection    this  lake's text runs sub    merged sighlance    a shout
jumps from your    mouth    a fattened sky-trout among swifts & swall

     ows swallowing the    vast    alpha    bet of this lake's flies

II. Skinned drops

segments with even    suck
through dare    wriggle smell

and wrap wind whilst willows
reflect condensed light    breeze

she/he glugs poetry through dangle
flowing    this
   from swallowing

ripple through bank
silent sentence    earth's

thirst skins throats

touch pokes stitched
shattered crests of

reading whilst against doubts
air-ways hold merged sky-bets

mesh see whilst
each lewd soul

shapes ditch around
wet solid speeches

sun's wavelet hyphens
reeds for surface

faces offshore read
naked    warm some I-lake's

mouth    vast

water smooth even
suck through your our

of around wind
your all the on blue

through written of am
through in    i    this from

your wallowing

segments disperse
my mud footsteps

so wriggles rise
as flags like willow's

visions day brings
of he/she ringing

but slip lets
crystal erection

jump ow!

where sleek holds under wave
soup-black-clear    is streamers

breathable fishy gleams    seeds
flotillas    some gentle neck    safety

below dark loosening silence among this

wear parts    feet
squelch your imagined

underwater cloak    wave
ghost    world quivering

as through the    god & is
of when    feel my shout

swifts    flies

inter-take bones
an eye's horror

smoke    water    ring
ghost summer visions

of novel delicate anything
i my cold    my

shout swallows flies

wind-eye on surface invites
underwater clear body

limbs to green phonemes
headed damsel by swim

o that's eyes    merged trout bet

layer feminine feel
text mouth vast

surface with close 
depths runs

fattened α

fish hush

        Mark Goodwin 2007