from 'Call' (At Wall with the Approach of Trees, 5)  

The tree-beats are forward foliage, a stasis with all the growing time of invocation discerned beside this walling freestone.


Obtaining wall where trees hit on what vital lack no longer detains them from call. The wall isn't a barrier but an impediment of voice. No trees could stop before if they didn't stay for lip.


Once the wall is deep-edged with trees a far side impairs this side in everything but plurality of call. Not hollowness of projection, but every tree-spine in stranded-explicit lane of its calling.


Blockade models attribute a tree's striding to how the invocation goes charged: where there's no avalanche of resistance there can be little thwarted discharge of witness. What without crossing guides to the setback ahead.


Trees don't remove before slighted wall, they stay aslope of it: isn't lowness not being the sequence of an opposite buttress but a stock of not crossing over which holds reserves in full calling out.


Trees save us from crashing through wall so we learn from the calling to stop full-before at the least of its bar: the calling-from is more placable than any scope of hindrance.


Go steep, trees, where roots are soaked by sideways blocked creep. Transmural blending reduces any cyclic bending by this separate side of, begins to call.


Distress steadied at a free-air exposure to wall, ie tree-based broad chasing. If blank transition reads ultra-blockade, it's rarely blind in its calling. Refusing to go over even the lows of a wall fuses voice with topographic lips of waiting, at least limit pronounced swell to edge.


No unclad genesis is inheritable, no unhindered abyss is callable, no dressed exterior without a bridging voice blocking stealthload to the other side.


These trees can't waive wall once their approach is over surfaces made universal with earth-break, they winter in every direction from breezes of hard margin.  So call pierces the oblique segment of denial.


Not to be entrusted with calling until that very deterrence encrusts a wall. Resistance made answerable by belonging to a banned face of the world, voiced by not crossing out all that is left over of an impossible traverse, what it can't yet be passage on behalf of.


This high remission protects wall which will be built out from the trees' overburden, that they call up to edge the induration of lip. Fault-tree of no releases outside the cry but easefully not any paralysis other than sure stretch along the proximations of wall.


Pause in approach flushes out the furrow in passaging, not to populate against wall or steal it from behind, but to be at its nearest surface, gradients stepped by a terracing made blind by invocation.


Irremediable wall assays limits to the reparable, as restitutional cry it must be borne up to within a farness of the outside's uncrossable fastness.


A shape raked blunt by some fundamental limitation, how local feature gave a start or twist to place: so far installing before itself stalled: what sets before it does, voice calls a setting-before.


Where voice, nomadic of the nearer side, can't tender any resonance of root resplendent in manifold prevention, has only the supplement of its own slack hold, there stoppingly calls out.


Openness sooner or later walled from itself may be the real comb of a world's margins, only on call can there be any shores of it before  wall, our flesh exposed towards other sides at the nurture of never leaving the exhausted probe of this one.


Beside linear wall-stones which the trees convert to standing, call out vertical bluntness in a savour without gaps. Less deadwood than invocable stub of branch at the live wall.


One flank's asymmetry calling towards aversions of the other: a this-side-of pushes out one unimaginable pace beyond the trees' hesitation before wall. A wall won't defer its resolute opaqueness but doesn't confer any silence upon its single-sidedness.


No poverty of openness without a privation of the open, a shadowable of approach before which it can be no further open: great outer edge (infinite in local resistance) before which it cries.


Far seam into the precipitation of call not to invoke a rule of woods but inches up to a wall without any mark of a far side. Given that the wall wasn't recondite hindrance but the very search that offers conversion from crossing, given that voice is not at a loss but on a lip with which to take entrance from call.


Where the interruption is nurtured and can leave out in the world the prior vocation of call. Trees took on the burden of separations and are deflected by a wall of reparation, calling to be stayed for.


Ongoing shelter towards a bluff of horizon only ever locally non-centric, needing to be actively bled upright off surface until it can never again efface what the sheddings stop with lip.


Essential breach in surface can sheerly branch over, and so be ramified direct to hanging wall, the invocation beaching at a cliff-offence in voice.

      © Peter Larkin 2007