from South of Suburbia






Her acceleration was amazing

From ladette to loony in 5.0 secs!

Where's that pause button?

Emotion guaranteed?

Well, I got a frosty reception

When I announced the Ghoul of Cool.

Lots of funny stuff, girls, gadgets and games,

All the fun of the fair,

Get off my toe you idiot!

This turn of events was very worrying,

They were the last good guys left in town,

I was down on my luck and so was she,

We just clicked (geddit?).

Don't try to explain,

Just look at the scenery, play dumb

And thank your lucky stars.








Flouncing about the bedroom

In baroque petticoat breeches

And little else

She played the fool

She played the game

Strange subliminal messages

From here in the suburbs

Long time ago under water

Abnormal floods was the caption

Under that old photo

I found in the album

She flopped out on the bed

Stared at the ceiling

Drifted into a trance

Lost in low cloud

Musical voices outside

She could play the fool

She could play their game

As for myself

I watched

From behind the curtain

Eternal voyeur

Miss Lovely Legs

Sometimes she wore

Shocking pink

Bom chucka wah wah

Party downstairs

Super funk doghouse

Bored and local fast set

Cool cat swingers

Wet T-shirts and bizarre videos

In la-la-land

She was no fool

This was no game

Make the magic happen.








Who dreamed that beauty passes like a dream?

     - W B Yeats, The Rose of the World, 1893


The light of the crescent moon

The lace pattern of bare branches

The path of the planets

The crystal face of destiny


Your true self, your grey eyes

Perhaps laughter from the next room

Or, even, the sound of a single note.

All these can create new space

Where the essential beauty of freedom

Can be found.


See, beyond the night sky

The quietly trembling wavelength

Of doubt,


There, a whiplash line is carved

Across black stone cliffs,


But vision can be real

In the quavering light of the crescent moon,

In the silhouette of tangled branches

Against the sunrise, crimson splash in the void.








Slobbering over my ravine plunge cleavage,

He lunged at me with tears in his eyes,

And fell to the floor in abject submission.

Yes, it was the big squirm,

Another day, another chance encounter,

Not exactly the must-see of the week.

The search is on,

Not for Mr Right or Mr Wrong,

But for a way to be alone,

Alone - for once in my wasted life.

At least he was wearing

A smarter class of clobber

But even that could not save him

- Stupid bastard.








These strange shadows

Remind me of you.


From the pyramids of Mars

To the boutiques of Venus

She's your wet dream death wish

Come true.

She's Lilith Fire,

The Scavenger's Daughter

Backed by skronking saxophones

And burlesque filth divine.

A gender clash classic

Desperately weird -

To be continued...


News just in!


Lilith's out there with the fairies

Strutting around in high heels

Humming tunelessly,

A real hero of Britishness

A sign of the times,

But what's the big question?

Beware unexpected waves.

There are too many distant worlds

Too many facts behind facts,

Too many displaced and desperate punters,

Far too much electronic fog,


I thought you'd never ask.

Steady girls!








This life is a conspiracy of the stupid.

My stone heart sleepwalker paced the paving

On the terrace where the moonlight gleamed

A strange acid queen radium ambience, and

Above, scrappy clouds, flags of a defeated army,

Trailed across the deep, dark sky of night.

Her white, semi-transparent robe clung to her legs,

Her thighs were a turbo-charged invitation,

Her hair, full of plats and seriously weird,

Draped across her shoulders, a ruffled raven.

This is my world, not your world,

Like it or not, this is not where you belong.

Leave me with her catatonic stare.

Leave me forever - you cannot be The One.



    A.C. Evans