opulent patinas of humming alleys

feathered resonance

muscular slice
                           light ebb flows
into blindtrip

      scattered pulsations
mirrored neons

phoenix slide of sizzled glass

 fired street-throat
razor black slinks

                          splintered flame skewers
crystal phrased prayer

paved magic ricocheting
                        ice dazzle to
stretched pitch shift

crushed slaves wither into fetid tunnels

sexy  spin punctures street poverty

blues scatter into paved neons
of London's waters
                                     singing of easter sounds


giddy journey into floral blacksilver
miraculous flower
juicy abandon

hall of golden thistles
miraculous birth of tonal dimensions
flow of tension brought to workable dreams

iridescent dance shivers over silver tubes
Easter echoes of beyond the primordial tune
pentatonic flavours flurry over guitar buzz

dream distance of gush and spiral of bird swarms
over winter earth fields

vibration of  hollow peruvian pipe

refined flute flings scarab image
spherical quartz burns sibilant discord
fertilisation of emotional cross-tones
acrobatic register sings into digested formations
maintenance of shape and volume


suspended garden in scarlet lakes
white dove turned glazed blue dissolving
sound pricking upwards and wind moaning of middle G
sharp diminished eastern whine
walk on blue eggshell texture

wisdom shattered by
walk in this garlanded house



memory tones         wet mist          winter trees
gull over crippled landscape
rook in appalling blue
sea pour of flung stones

grip of nails
rip of maelstrom
orgasmic torment traversed across night waste
ache and arch of electronic come crackle

mouth sucks an emptiness
pent up coils jammed  in pockets of need
sheets of whorled white over skin

involuntary ejaculation
spinal turnaround twist 
fierce snake in orifice
rip of obsidian dream

love powered fuck
fuck launched in a rainbow

through marble bodies suck and fuck thrill in sacred harmony

spasmodic wonder
rapture of emerald spin
breathy expansion
consummate drift into azure sway
juice ebbs over ivory smile


stride and float
consummate drift
deep drive

penetration of mahogany pulse
rapture of spasmodic awe
aquamarine slide

wave runner

imploded humming of
skills spill in matrix of honey beat

fine wine line

inner urns of sinistrel caverns

wave runner

tricky seine cast to catch screwing tension

fine wine line

coniferous dark under
peaks of scintilla in black clouds

simmering mirrors behind veils of cracking dark

   storm sheets advancing mauve
before sudden collapse into rakish drone

             Tim Fletcher 2008