I have forgotten for many years
that two glances shared can shift the world
and that even though I am so shrivelled
there are seas
but today
I wandered
and stole emotions
I stowed them beside my belly
with the dry rice
of a meal I did not enjoy
I sat where the sole of my foot itched
and typed to type
and tried to try again
I chiselled at the block
there were no emails or letters
the ceiling struck me with a noise
and the hungry pigeon clawed at the roof
I do not have any money in my wallet
and my library books are overdue
I don't know what to say


cat on the wall
with man in your eye
you disdain ground

do you tire of the grey?

you flicker with a memory
i wonder what you wait for
and if you are at all


if you are
dreaming lazy shapes of cathood
behind your
coat and countenance of colour

i hope i do not disturb you

silent you are and

in your power

maybe you are
resting or

simply you may have caught me
as you would

a mouse

such a cold summer's day


he hated him for it
hate was apt for the jerking slide
and the jettisoned emotion
but he shrivelled in his hate
and the clothes that he wore
now began to wear him
the circling crows began to
abhor him
he perspired an oily brine
and carefully
the breeze began to break him
it lifted him above the land
until he was narrow in the distance
like a song that had gone wrong
and shaken off persistence
but in him cried the distance still
so he stretched out
that he could hang men
a hook
and made cold relation
lynched fish
and reattached himself to something
it also was not a smooth operation and
he fell
in leafy spirals
of ever-increasing complexity
as suddenly as a death
and as silently as a cloud
and still
he hated him for it
hate was apt for the jerking slide
and the jettisoned emotion


Image sculpts
These jags it forces
One on

On one

An eon
Of wooden want

Image drives
A collision
Into one

One in to

A knot
A knot
Of hurtling hot


Then -

Image lasts
Over one

Over one

     Suneel Mehmi 2008