Image Disturbance
'try and disturb the imagination' - Rupert Loydell

''Meant Vigation'

engines & compression
of landfill suggestions
to be useful control
fainter pieces being maps

'Eristic Figuration'

information maps
knowledge shapes
fitted tables

proof we saw
ideas one side
similar today
speed the other

nothing is simply
oil we breathe
world prospects
poetic drift

combustion transformed
substance we inhale
is spacious real
obscure same

closing experiment
disturbs experience
after hours
imagination grows horizon

'King for Rections'

to shine discard desire
that light metaphor

for God

there the moment's
eternalness obscure

what again of invention?
the atom point opened?


hostage encounters
seem inadequate

inbetween directions

reverse strange
if the future lives

perception's self-scratch
to be wonder

land the world
to contain us

evolution behind cardboard

    Mark Goodwin 2008