11 July, 2006

after Olympia

a girl
caught in an upsplash
of sunlight

she frowns once
as if to make herself

a slow squint
into the patchy consolation
of afternoon

Manet has
nothing on this subjection

only precedent
which is no consolation
at all.

21 July, 2006

the tyranny of
spreading to fill the palate
a taste of things to come
            describing the odds
                                        question the specific
the lasso of utility      Japan 1 Australia
0       there is no such thing as equilibrium
only degrees of imbalance        I prefer to get my retaliation
in second

7 January, 2007


characterised by the opened spaces, the
geography that is so easily articulated
by what is not there, where somewhere

            (by floodlight and silence

and that careful longing, woven into
the pauses:

                 the dawn is ample for our
purposes, me walking to meet you
my bare feet discomfited by the coarse

           a handshake in the twilight

       the survival of another day compromised
by the inevitability of another

            what continues?
            what doesn't?
            the inventory is no respite

          peace of mind reckoned instead in the perimeter, the

          limit of what is useful, & enclosing

          the known world)

the smell of trees drying after rain

the violence of it

25 October, 2006

all day on the lip
                  of my hangover
         an echo I will not catch up
                  folding the silence to its
flimsy embrace
                  the empty handshake
                  training your mood
                  with words
         a sentence measuring the
curl of you lip
          a lack of tact
battering down the hatches
of your heavy conscience.

      Adam Burbage 2008