Gentleman's Walk, Norwich 8am



                        indeterminate morning sky

                                                              distant siren starts

                         jackdaws chat premises

                                                               alarms switching off

                         all doorways open

                                                               astonished yawning tramps

                         dog retracts tongue





                                                                tastes of rubbish

                          heaped translucent sacks

                                                                spill gaped mouth

                          burger box chewed

                                                                meat head hang

                          over indulged stench

                                                                 passes whining buses





                          impulse lifts polythene

                                                                 carrier above smoke

                          round cafˇ table

                                                                 turns coughing lung

                           flayed by throats

                                                                 snagged in trees

                           rib cage branches





                                                                  my reflection enters

                             window cleaners workspace

                                                                   grime resists soap

                             glosses easy rainbows

                                                                   smear the pavement

                             workers apologies late

                                                                    footprints on concrete





                              before dressed windows

                                                                     all city wide

                              style bleached hair

                                                                     halos of mannequins

                              dressed the same

                                                                      projections through glass

                              cowl permeable lenses





                                                                       shade beautiful girl

                               cloud gathers her

                                                                       fishmonger blanched hands

                               empty ice trays

                                                                       staunch blood marks

                               casual circling gull

                                                                       over market place





                               coffee cup down

                                                                      bitter froth milky

                               collapse under rain

                                                                      half drunk outside

                               office today kept

                                                                      impositions of avoidance

                               where eyes strain




                                                                        wet seeps through

                                jacketless I return

                                                                        when rain ends

                                walk under trees

                                                                        drop silver beads

                                just for collection

                                                                        picked in strings


                                            © Matthew Howard 2008