Blending into the Background

Will you put your shoulder to
the wheel? Fine particles blow
around the globe and you can
never entirely escape them. Yet
this movie has all the trappings
of the genre - a stormy night and
a collection of psychopaths. About
ten days before swarming the bees
produce a distinct vibration. At other
times, when bites are few and far
between, two rods can be used
without worry. Yet a shoal of fish is
no more likely to behave in a uniform
manner than a crowd of people.

These forged banknotes are so
skilfully produced that no-one
but an expert could possibly avoid
the scam. If you lose capability
you may never get it back yet
these are multi-canvas vistas of
woodland seen in different seasons
and this is not a tree to be trifled with.
Hidden among its branches is a
pygmy seahorse. This is a world
turned upside down yet each creature
thrives as much through its voice as
by any other aspect of its behaviour.
This is no ordinary dawn chorus.

You need a high meat-to-potato
ratio in a well-seasoned mix yet
there's a vibrancy to this typeface
and it has an emotional impact.
New pesticides are being linked
to a decline in the bee population.
Here we discover a perpetual drive
for accuracy but the mannequins
still haven't moved and the wind
is getting chill. This is good news
for those hoping to move into related
fields. Tensions are again rising in
the south Atlantic. An insouciant
smile is optional.

This is a fast-growing, voracious
species which has few natural
predators yet we've been talking
about this issue for the past
twenty five years. Physics, in a
nutshell, is all about problem-
solving. To complete the Parisian
off-duty look just add black
cigarette pants and a pair of ballet
pumps. Pop music does lightness
of touch better than solemnity
yet at the end of the day it's all
about the horse. We may yet be
heading into the vast unknown.

Was the big bang really the
beginning of time? If there is
a single experience that sums
up the lives of the poor it is
surely powerlessness yet there
is also a question of bait
presentation and we are all
being watched by a hawk. It is
often said that the dace is a lover
of fast water but carp that feed
in the shallows can also be most
interesting. Allow me to demonstrate.
There's no such thing as bad 
weather, only bad clothing.

It's a short-lived respite, since
in the long-term, climate change
will warm the planet while cooling
the thermosphere. A forbidden
place is always an attractive place,
don't you think? In the air the
jackdaw is a spectacular acrobat
although surface disturbance may
cause the fish to cease feeding
immediately. At this point the lentils
should be soft yet still retaining
something of their texture. What they're
calling a 'free market' turns out to
be one where everything is rationed.

Why do some people adapt to
stress more easily than others?
Here we find signs of real deep-
sea creatures. Before he was a
dancer, Len once worked as a
welder. This is an important
point and one which a great
many anglers fail to consider.
Down here it is easy to get lost
yet it's recently been argued
that cockney rhyming slang is
dying out. Yes, but do you prefer
listening to Common People
to listening to

She crosses this latest frontier
with her usual aversion to
melodrama yet the nautical
stripe is a tried and tested style
for summer. Is Nicolas Roeg
our greatest film-maker? Any
strategy for global economic
expansion must also take account
of environmental factors. Yet
the sunshine will be short-lived
and tomorrow there will be a
wide-spread frost. Now it's
time to turn up the heat and guide
her into the waiting net.

Down here it is easy to get lost.
Yes, but is your play a serious
look at the melancholy of
clowning? Considering that
they are scavenging sea insects,
prawns and their relatives are
truly wonderful creatures. These
fish are about to move house
yet this is a world turned on its
side and the enemies of big trees
may now be on the march. There
is nothing ostentatious or self-
aggrandising here and no concessions
will be offered to critics.

If you have the option it might
be worth picking an urban jog
over a rural ramble What must
be avoided at all costs is strategic
insecurity. Yes, but how exactly
did you obtain this information?
Next week we go in search of the
dipper. Urban inhabitants have
become targets that need to be
continually tracked, scanned and
controlled. Have you ever felt you
should simply blend into the back-
ground? As the morning sun breaks
into the bedroom Nosferatu dissolves.

     Steve Spence 2012