Four poems from Tattered by Magnets


neat device                  adverb outsmart                       silencer
capitalism exits only behind the eyes                                      motto
the radiation have                   smart reactions                         ditto
novice                digging breeze             creaking            scenery

function           lubrication                                  luminously      ditto
fact       reverb              silicon landscape                       camouflaged
teen wave        painted            phonemes                                    ditto
novice               duplicates       hormonal suburbs                    blotto

dark device behind the eyes                     the eyes have inner strength
before boarding arc hind says yes to blackberry                 core
duplicator fails to understand duplicated pamphlet           ditto
feed your engineers adverbs and the adverbs will report any error


put the hot flask in the cooler bag                             relocated ode
prop shaft       arm wrestles               rope     steer around a petal trap
a career in the theatre            lukewarm nest           local rope
fan the old flare                        relocated list               local interest

the        the        the        passive          founder            of a department
natal                   department                river reeds                   basket
glazed water wheel                 lukewarm zest            in the department
naf        naf     what part were you?                             the exiting cathedral?

taking a shifty             having a proper look               road sign wit
slake a               snap shot         take a                diagonal stab
jigsaw shard silver in the bracken flask       shooken
flatbed latin                              tucked in unfinished                             shift


is that you       reversing                       quick slow quick quick slow?
so low to the crush                  elsewhere injustice is international
is the kerb an enlarged friend?         light sticks to simple gestures
visitor               downstairs                   minimal            gestures

exhausted spring        metallic blue                bitter                friend
translating                    animal gestures          through gritted teef
recoiled           to base                            threshold                       graft
rehearsing your craft                            singing verses around the raft

the quiet mind is as buoyant as a plucky little craft escaping trees
the enemy is quick to slow down to blow those swarming trees
shutter                          random             nervous            system
sawing a window in half        directing the war        from bed


faculties           station               frock                  tango                flat tire
difficulties       ration               trigger              retirement      flat tier
crippling          cuss                   fan                     switch              verdict
             correction       to                        creation            flat sunset

cult                     fist of tortoise                            companion of eye
in that new photograph of us as kids we're already            retiring       
reluctant eye                long arthritic twist of sigh                  abrasive
amongst the clutter in the room         circuit             satirical glory

moody yellow cameo                           hippo                bars
four bars of our song                                three bars        two bars          one
bear rears behind bars                        three bears      two rabbis      none
thermals           frock volume               tango                 rabies              test

         Tim Allen Feb. 2012