bosom by way of shoulder the cusp off cuff curvilinear curatorial custodian creeping crepuscular lance hanging gravity gracious mo(u)lder a
way    an approach    disposition    considerations
the route determines your arrival
erasures may reappear
death:  the erasure that stays erased
bosom:  the rising that brings up
rounding to the nearest round

vectors in somnambulistic purfle


ruseworthy       adjusting antiquated ambulatories
the thorax grows cautious  embraces
crustacean rudimentaries
remunerates cultures long
in the sun

extracts cover a choice of convicts convictions imprisoned in uniformity garb cloister barbs flutter fuchsia foam lavender orthodontics circuits override trouble in the lowlands loiter girth non-apparently disappearance mistrials posture posthumous morbidity postcard watchers glee-chutes choice juice barons polish cinderellas now blasphemous bedridden with loam with Hardy novels deleted from curriculums lamp posts squirmy jettison slime eel-cakes flame-riddles gavotte the grasses hymn
risings whorl




uprise         zenith stealth         stilt wagon
                        lurch riddle
                       Agastache cheeks
pointing indicative thrust push/pull toward perpetual portend perscrutation precipitation the perpendicular provides the isosceles triangle urban punctuation erotic gender switchbacks merrily morning glories
vertical  horticultural   strategical   heretical       remote demote reinforce pushup reinstate
holidays ://: gunshot        spurious ://: ramrod  counterfeit enables law enforcement the bones make no bears about it broadside barely bareback       a mark a jot a hand up a holdup upright bass mast baton flagpoles candles headstones
to flat

     Heller Levinson 2012