My Love is a Dead Arctic Explorer
, Paige Ackerson-Kiely
Small History, Seren Adams
Tripping Daylight, Peter Dent
Place, Jorie Graham
Lessways Least Scarce Among. Poems 2002-2009, Peter Larkin
Enigma & Light, David Mutschlecner
road song for, lars palm
When You Said No, Did You Mean Never?, Fani Papageorgiou
Landings, Richard Skelton

A Drop of the Hard Stuff, Lawrence Block
Telegraph Avenue, Michael Chabon
Boneland, Alan Garner
Empty Space, M. John Harrison
The Map & the Territory, Michel Houllenbecq
Railsea, China Mieville
Hawthorn & Child, Keith Ridgway

Painting on Paper. Josef Albers in America
Extreme Metaphors. Interviews with J.G. Ballard 1967-2008
, Marek Bienczyk
Cut-Ups, Cut-Ins, Cut-Outs: The art of William Burroughs
A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond: Captain Beefheart Interviews and Texts 1966-2001
Several Clouds Colliding
, Brian Catling | Iain Sinclair
The Train in the Night, Nick Coleman
Richard Diebenkorn. The Ocean Park Series
World of Wonders
, James A. Heald
Sightlines, Kathleen Jamie
Fear of Music, Jonathan Lethem
London's Overthrow, China Mieville
Cusp, ed. Geraldine Monk
Sean Scully. Restrospective

Uncommon Deities, Jan Bang & Erik Honore
Play Braxton, Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway
To Laura with Love, Grace Cosgrove
Lux, Eno
Butterfly Attitude, Eyeless in Gaza
Sunken Condos, Donald Fagen
Life is People, Bill Fay
Mercurial Balm, Food
Mabushii Hazura Na Inora, Fushitsusha
Signaux, Robert Hampson
Suspended Cadences, Robert Hampson
Regions of Light and Sound of God, Jim James
Damien Jurado
Night Within, LAND
Roman Roads IV-XI, Land Observations
Mapping the Boundary Line, Ekca Lien & Spheruleus
This is an Adventure, The Lighthouse & the Whaler
Amber Waves, Bill Mallonee
Brother Sinner & the Whale,
Kelly Joe Phelps
Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling, Andrew Poppy
Fail for You EP, Luke Sital-Sing