A Lacuna to Speak of
Blind in one eye and deaf in the other. Two lips
blowing kisses through tip toes around the issue.
The obvious thoughts serving as an entourage.
Posies in the diction of the gruff as they speak
of the unmentionable. Withdrawing a picture to
look like a horse having to run. As in a book about
this time of evening. What the universe won't say
in so many falling stars. Playing checkers by
queensbury's rules. Being born time and time
again. Leaving empty free to wander in its
inimitably common approach to being
there is where it is.
An Elusive Number
There and a good start to the morning taking the
momentum to please, as opportunity to escape rigors
imposed by affections for peering inside what's hollow. A
good rain come dressed as a wet spot in a theory of how
the desert came to be. To more voluptuously assess the
criteria by which sea level is determined, to be a factor
in the drowning of those who can't find their footing,
running like water. Sinking like feelings made to last
for the fleeting as it were in a sum within reach.
Peripheral lectures disguised as echoes babbling
like water in the ear of an ostrich. A limited warranty to a
ringing attuned to finding grace in sleep. A gosling's sense
of history. True to a truant's sense of timing, the intervals
between the bumps and the night, the pinches and the
coming to. To change the way the world keeps changing.
Struggling to conform to a boundary drawn to resemble
one grand gesture in the interest lost coming of age.
Pictures Taken From You
Coloring perceptions of the domestic depths
cleaning house awash in memory.
Years stained to shine with the weight squeezed
from dusk till morning's turn to save the day.
A tenure chastened ready to wear eight of nine
times you'll see it before it happens as humus
for the language.
A slurry on which to build a temple to stone.
Bridges burned to fit the strides made losing a
litany of selves, before finding a fiction hidden
A story scrambled over easy as a warning to those
calming down to say what they meant all along.

     Philip Oakes 2012