from Some Questions

# 4

Look at the way I am telling you
if I were any more disconnected
we would be listening to pipe
music from Moldavia at 4.30
in the morning in this state of
undress like unconscious bees
no-one just stops anymore
for even one moment what is
that some kind of argument for
progress and why don't I have
it in at least two more colours
and maybe a spare one in this
formica blue in case it gets lost
or damaged or just comes apart
like I suppose happens to most
things in the end so multiple
copies go some way to making
a difference and isn 't that
something isn't that well if not
depth then at least durability?

# 8

There isn't enough room
but that's what happens
at least this year it seems
to be so why don't we
try a different approach
eating out for lunch perhaps
or only watching the trailers
instead of programmes we
actually like so we don't
get too caught up in it all
maybe just leaving things
a little longer to see how
they go then if nothing
changes we can say we
tried and that 's the main
thing unless of course
you've heard different?

# 9

Sometimes all you need to
get started is a few empty
beer cans soon you 're living
every day with the ferocity
of roaming dogs and the
neighbours don't complain
because even though your
music is always on at least
the lyrics couch their sexism
in metaphor and sometimes
a constant distraction is more
bearable than an intermittent
one the posters on your wall
are peeling off any day now
you will wake with a start as
Bruce Willis flops to the floor
face down like a stroke victim
you should buy more blue-tak
but there's a few days left in
the old packet yet isn't there?

# 11

I guess some people would see it
as purposeful like a conscious move
towards a definable end probably
accompanied by much celebration
and 30-page booklets with colour
illustrations and interviews with
the participants not that we should
doubt the necessity of such public
beneficence but mostly it looks dated
like a well-informed prediction of the
future even the police have a loyalty
scheme and a premium service for
their regular customers I have a card
embossed with red handcuffs you can
also choose from three other designs
would you like to try the complimentary
coffee or perhaps this free t-shirt?

    Ben Parker 2012