Sparse Reach Stretches the Field, I
How to stretch the falling short of a tree?     as fetches its layering of unleashed decompression?     true for the report of its sheath-fire onto occupied ravage?      to accelerate the scarcity only as it beckons across
with many novel patterns of collapse, few have the tautness of
convened (lessened) lack that disabates, uncrates, offers what it has contracted to reach     a stretch of trees margined at their para-universals of destination     gale-picked placid marginals, recessive tendrils, percussive shields
we stand on the threshold of a post-scarcity remit as the city expands faster than its own needlessness of site     at frail stretch at last for patience with poorly endowed patina on any convertible placing     from cone of branch to the field-spasm of horizontal woodland subsumed from outlyer     a debris of fore-brandished choked relay
scarce forest cover but tensile shrinkage     anti-creep by concrete sanction, contrary when and as the mentor of shade overflows sharp vessel     adjacent crater (cluster) of branch cage but well forsworn of root
the latitude of scarcity is to
spring at pinpointing its fielded world     what reaches the slighter term of any infill, static elision of its retrieval
a deviation settles
 rare those raws due
 sparse creep prevail
 past forest zone
damage obtains scarce
 in monotonous levy
 of reach, bare-earth
 materials at stretch-
 percent covering it
This struggle to extend to scarcity its life-staff     if across branch stockade from tree-retraction then according its internal (participatory) storm a sparse (wide tersed) application
degradation of forest wave on wave of scraped field     the incomplete reproach of scarcity exceeds plenitude along each tuft of reach     only an horizon of the enormous propensity encroaches then
pinioned stretch suffers streets of field to run off curdling sheet     there is no demographic application of reduced scarcity save the scars are super-induced at this phase-breaking, the crawl in forest backing
we stand on the threshold of a post-scarcity renunciation     building grows through tubes but not enlivening the wires from their hollow arena of plenty     what locally bricked charge reaches it stunted under load?
taut in the silent wood
 fainter under trees'
 lesser-wooded given
 its future batch
a forest is critical
 discomfiture, stringent
 unaborted sickening
commodity frontiers
 premised on select
 forest reduct,
 package of perimeter
On the crest of scarcity by extendible ratio attaching it     tasking taut sails of branch, its slow skin sample     now communal intake of the scant, a march of great plains within contrition of obsolete blanket     though its tautness assays the untainted, hurls coils of stretch from its wake     a wintry grove of pinned strings tightening the event muscle
these are urban tendrils of forest coating however their sparseness stretches counter to an advance of like global  narrows upon any imitation of the repairs of centre
the single hurt of what the earth leaves remaining in forests, its stretch across the blunt universals long hyper-afforded,  warded off
now a swathe of pines reaching from poor reserve, stark activity becoming it, its park of shave-sector reliance
to throw a forest boundary's pending along this brunt     all disenvelopping-from were it not for the field's presage of a
deferent plunder     urban slivers not plantable short as were whole corridors of stretch given off the unpeopled branches
by grey skirts of allayed
 forest that branch skel-
 eton attack the
 lull into you
forgoing forest gorges this
 counter-fetch, but see trees
 scant it at blending
 the after-shade green
Post-extinction and quasi-stationarity     spectral absciss piercing (pins) any stance of threshold along a flat of branches rising into field     the disposition shifts with each constancy of it overdrawn from poverty towards the spare charts of reach     it comes to an earth so unthickly beseeching trees
brachiation arboreal travail     using forelimbs to win from the unspent retention their terrestrial travel     highly suburbanized zones of tree-lagging, a thermal buffer against enshrining grief in the inferential clearing at the sum of its own unlogged maturity
    Peter Larkin 2013