He knew that his fool's a feverish foe;
fettered so foible & bold, yet loveable
as flatter
er of its confectionary brain...
That despite being pomp
ous & absurd
his haste -- of one part A, two part D --
a certain modesty prevailed to prove
how made an enemy to an inevitable
distraction as Dane to the nobler role:
lamb to the slaughter, comment of soul...
For how could he know the distraction 
Would prove to inaction be the boon?


A plot in this harsh world to twist thy breath in pain
as if to exact its surrender to forces more serpentine
than a simplistic machine
that made monster man
& man a monster in greed...

For how else to its villain
y by blood be a Methuselah
in his commandments
cast but by invention in a birth
of a warring intelligence?--words...but not as word   
held true adieu
, remember...

but to inevitable ends -ent by sir & penitent an apple
eaten by needs of a leisure to have spent in this world 
the scholar
as soldier how revolutionary the request:
Fight on! Fight on!  Fight until ye can fight no more...

For fight is good
& right --to think, to mine, to ours
is the memory imprinted of smoke & ash & powder,   
Or so runs a world away...

How false, I thought, was the
postulate if postured
the fame to parallel infamies so base in a scorn in-
born to rebellious
wombs--the after aft of oath, rule
& law of all hypocrisies thought solidity conceived
in mass
es act - this is the body and blood of Christ
as contraction transsubstantiation:  the very soul

to be as inevitable
doubt, being the end.  Meaning
in data recorded man is not worth to've troubled
over, and especially
as a bulwark against sense... 
For any
plans to resurrect the innocent vows, prove
of time and space as penetrable stuff, is regrettable.   

Forms & causes I conjoin'd to an effect convert --
mimicry first, reality twice, as to piteous action
indexical to its corruption-- rules to
the slavish
succubus to see h
ow it is as customs can play
the western rage sublime -- do I have a right?      
How else to overcome?  How to underplay in ig-
norance to their madness deceived?  Inheritance
of invisible
seed.  This was truly his time!-- he
Of rages in a film as true representation to yield

a profit
when customs had proved to mean little.   
From his losses due the astute utilities to mine
which is within without with all such virtues true
to the extract from creation
those bodiless forms  
In a confession
to a heaven & to fatness survive.
My body, in other words, is my mind interred.  

   David Laskowski 2013