Arioflotga, Frank Kuppner (9.95, 114pp, Carcanet)

Page after page of parodies of first lines of poems...
Partial glimpses of a mythical, lost national anthology...
Partial rhetorical sallies very much like this in tone and not always end-stopped
Perhaps there's some kind of order, other than alphabetical, I haven't seen?
Personally I found even a whole page of this hard going
Personally I thought it surprising Carcanet should want to print all this.
Personally it's very hard going after a few lines, let alone over a hundred pages
Please feel free to dip into it if you feel like it.
Please note wit and alphabetical jokes only go so far.
Quite frankly I gave up after a quick glimpse (though I do like some of Kuppner's other stuff)

     M.C.Caseley 2009