Deflated Ego 3: Nathan Thompson

The Arboretum Towards the Beginning, Nathan Thompson (80pp, 8.95, Shearsman)
(0.03 for a copy on Amazon with: large wrinkle or bend on back; large wrinkle or bend on front; and large wrinkle or bend on pages)

Sometimes when I'm asleep people ask me what I think about this book and I always say the same thing.  And when I've said it I turn over and hope there's a better dream on the other side because that one makes me feel a bit queasily narcissistic and self-obsessed. But then I comfort myself while I'm lying awake by remembering that's what dreams are all about unless you're a prophet, which I'm not. And unless you're one of those slightly annoyingly crazy meddling-but-don't-seem-to-realise-it types who try to interact with other people in your/their dreams in an online gaming(1) sort of way and then want to bug them in real life too, like the characters in Russell Hoban's Amaryllis Night and Day
. Which I guess could be part of the idea here maybe, and is perhaps not that unusual. I know this isn't really a review but it was never going to be was it?  

    Nathan Thompson 2009




(1)Disclaimer: online gaming is something the reviewer does not understand, even remotely, and as such this allusion may well be inaccurate.