Lean Earth Off Trees Unaslant, 3



Sesley Common


Trees pale in knot but nowhere in cooped flux of them, not-bending swivels a sky foldlessly relenting. Leaning skyward canÕt suffer on the slant, only drawn off slope by the unholdable intimacy of vertical separation. 


Stunted trees but quickest to retrial the parallels overhead, a grove of points in stack of the direct picked distance. 


Terrain knows its cloud-spine is dispossessive launch, how the counter-lurch was navigated once all earth steadies unafloat. 


Falling upward the more pressive trees became, firsts of a bed sprung in narrow vertices of a pristine tallness not beaching. Among these stalwarts is earthÕs visible-shelterable become the visitable waves of vertical exception. 


Unaslant marginal trial around the exuberant crass of trees, binding the wind into their heard pitches so as not to quieten it. Soon only sunlight will readily slant its steepness among safely cheapened verticals. 


The way earth doesnÕt spend out in the turbulence but frees up a weak consequent amid standing derivatives: differential uprights slow-presenting slope to a vertical opening. 


The frame of surge lightly clads its chided direction: no laterals could cover this irregular ground and still harry the upclasp to such a continence without hesitating however high the edge touches over root.


Trees call from deficient horizontal bracing to risk the rising embrace of. Without entrance, outside founding hindrance. 


The leaning jeopardy of a saturated world has to compel itself light by a tallness driven in the sway of, learns thatches of narrow masts mean raring vert, surfacings upface of it. 


Trees tail upward, drop a disappearance in at its vertical poor. This grieves earth with not so much a world as the bias of horizon sweeping onto gift, or what sets a meeting upon the shelter-pin of exact projective pelt. 


Block geometric streets but row the solitary upright by not steering across: we are of the same poverty as this outgrowth of earth spared for an unbending. 


Leanly direct rising, below shelters above once there was merest barrier of presage. A film of sky is reeling within a slopeÕs translucency tubed, roots no longer spin a naked mulch where so much unwrapped coil has gone vertical. 


The one spring that wonÕt hurl itself off earth is differential haul scarcely lading a knowing in perpendicular stick. Trees surmounted their own lying against the grain of world, poorly astretch of an unstricken break into taper, at the offerable vanish of upright. 


Attend simultaneous intimacy, a buried belonging turned out on the tall stem of its overing frequency. No score of exchange, but reciprocal slendering of the murkÕs blue-green.


Horizon itself as gaining on curvature, but from a perspective which bolts upright an earth not buckling it on: how a slope doesnÕt collapse but falls along its own scansion, against which trees tuck integral stress, commonality of differential point. 


Cut an arc aslant but there grow immeasurably through it just what runs out of tallness, missing nothing at its unbent. On straight knee a treeÕs extreme fleeting close, not fleeing the vertex pool in scooped drag. Fabric of call out of the piled wells of remade scope.

                 © Peter Larkin 2009


Sesley Common