Penguins in Periwigs, tumbling dominos on Planet Izakaya,
Let loose screed so cacophonous that gelatinous beasts cry.
Those viscous critters, in turn, overmix some boiling sludge;
They douse their transparent dormice.

Achievements' relative merit rests on perception
Plus on radar-registered printouts of inaccessible galaxies.
Everyone sings at captains' tables; truth being
No one wants termite salad or sapote tea on the long haul.

Besides, most brutes recite poems in which anthriscus is more than a solvent;
They recall commercial blood cleansing booths featuring chervil twice daily.
Sometimes debris-ridden organisms feel refreshed thereafter.
Otherwise, they party on, singing karaoke with wigged, but svelte, water fowl.


Gibbous Shoats, characterized by lunar convexity,
Ambled in the near light of an equinox's evening sun.
In close proximity, other critters, laboratory escapees, nightmares all,
Sauntered. Those roustabouts mewed, perplexed by certain mutterings
Spewing from imaginary hedgehogs plus fairly jaded fairies.

Animal pregnancies never before stymied this old agrarian as did those hybrids.
Coordinating their welfare sucked out all adequate energy since stable
Hands, farm wives, and assorted unskilled helpers ran; they eschew evil.
Even creative links to their grandparents' pasts or toward shared teachers' warnings
Issued small solace, so intent was their shunning of chimerae frolicking in moonlight.

Alone, I opposed windowsills, interior rooms, and meadows full of beings
Fashioned from crazy dreams, beheld best when captive. Emblematic,
Those wild mentations spun seismic upheavals of the intimate kind; gave reference
Regarding love's foibles, mistakes, regrettable moments. None
Faded. Confronted, they laughed their way to more mischievous follies.


Except for guests, who fill up seats,
We record every rich or savory face.
Our station makes reservations with social nuance.

Here, flavorful electronic bits stuff, delight us while false accusations
Feed opulent persons (through flashy news services);
They buffet our skunky attitudes higher.

Beyond such choice tables, folks fork fame for small fortunes.
Alternatively, pay verdant fees for raw publicity spiced with fire.
Worldwide aromatic events are known to kill select couplings.

Consider, wrongness, her sisters, her auntie, also her dad,
Seeped hotly inside Hollywood, plus Mumbai's, cauldrons until
Various likenesses plated up bitterness.

Sometimes, their promised, florescent ramifications, settled generations
Without causing indigestion or categorical annoyances.
Other times, related mouthfeel accentuate scandal, horror and loss.

Biblical mores evoke stares, cause burps, and dirty polite serviettes,
But sagacious paths, unlike mediated charm, lead to good decisions.
It's useful to reevaluate convergent image streams and to salt our words.

     K.J. Hannah Greenberg 2009