Unsettled or indefinite. Much is the same: an agitprop of interest. Cognition becomes a complex oiled mechanism. Craft works for airwaves; in the scarred neuropathways - drawn deep by repetition.

Faltering loves timidity. So letās be sure. Stand on that bow. Spit the salt water and spume. He was taken by the hand. Cargo the blue horizons. Seagull hearts squeal from the transmitter.

Or progressive seeks toleration. Take the clear water from a sliver cup. Drench. Moon dust rises from the ladder. Tiny fragments of gold drift through the sea of Tranquillity. Flags need wire and flint.

Only one small step. An idea or inclination - something more spirit lead. Intangible. Magnificent. Words such as: untested, inexperienced, unproven, new, novel, dream or simple idea.




subject aligns assumption contorts at neglect tips a hat at remorse fragments alight on the eventide orange glow and haze green shadows attention to detail counter elements of disparagement

only creep up on the moon so carefully that you can hear the grass whistle listen up for mystification nuance catch a frogās croak unthinkable documented evidence and neon recollections

eye can dance and loop leap at trees and cows cycle along breathing deep memory smell ammonia bull dung the gorse light all is almost there somehow time fumes at regret always...




Somehow I'm  more interested in the interest. Function better than product. Process not compulsion. Razzle dazzle or perception. Let me explain. Thereās more  green light than control. Our headlong is too real. Our station way beyond measure. And the farms and river what of them. Oh they can meander in and out and roll on. But where is the rest. Can I return to fluctuation - to somewhere we donāt understand. There is a landscape that we must get our boots on. Get our pot hole bings and lodgings. Drip dry the bri nylon shirt on the moors and heather. Lose sight of everything - on a horizon. Even words.




Expectation relies on little. Meaning lends itself to silence. An exploding car goes up in smoke. The doors fall of. Where did you get those boots. The holy ghost has a heart attack.

Remember the first night of the war. Water was forced from a flower. Time denotes torture and lubrication. Confusion is never towards freedom.

Get me a clear eye. Fish look through the cold at the same old attitudes. I see a worm. They look for a hook. No one will see this. Pendulums wriggle in remorse.

Sequences and ideas swirl on a gown. Imagine a horse. Spiders fix in the frame- they spin a picture of hypocrisy. Is it becoming clear now. Yes nothing.




A thing in a box. Something you can wash with a hose. Wing mirrors parcelforce. Stuff or things. Avariciousness of wood, plastic. metal, object, desires. Or inclination, expectation, controls

Assumption or corruption. Intelligent contingents Digestion of contorts. Happiness a little off . See it.

Plastic pegs. CD cases. Paper. And food in bags. Mechanical objects. Material. Mobile phones. Electrical. Soft. D.I.Y.

And necessity  pokes at yearning. Accumulation comfort dolls . Give me a promise of freedom. Along the river bank. A cool mist smells the air. Crack a reed or two. Exhail.


      © James McLaughlin 2009