Unusual Zoo or Ansible to Zym -
The Gypsy Under My Bed Talks Funny


As if.
That fire eater is crying on one side
Living the charmed life out the other
Screen sounds the split desire and nightmares.
The dead burn much better when they're not tearing up.
The guest brought boxes of eggs.
Dreaming in blue and getting prescriptions caught in fingernails.
Toss cellophane to their owners. Not thinking of a twist.
Fluorescent shiny jewelry makes for bleary-eyed extras.
Instead of shiny marriages, why not an evening with pens?
Murderers climb trees.
The banging in the calms sweeps the blood up.


She gets drunk with demons.
Frankenstein colored flesh looks good in sunlight.
Mirrors smell like hiccups.
A drunken lamb is passed out in the bathroom.
Modified self-esteem is a traveling companion.
Symbols from empires are caused by reading yield signs.
Wishing for mud is irreverent.
There is evidence of an interview.
Good humans are fairies.
Drunk kings make it impossible to buy real estate.
The rank in law is a sought after letter.


Cut to Š
A dissolving black screen .
A bed in a tree.
A breathing fry that won't take out the garbage.
A see through oily wall.
A keepsake that beams white light.
A red giraffe.
A falling cigarette that is hot as summer.
A patchwork of indifference.
A ginger card game.
A skeleton with gloves and boots on.
A way to end it all.

The second you realize you forgot your towel.
Prepaid friends translate films about time.
People are likely to listen to donations.
Lazy help from an ashtray.
Lost navigational sheep, send help.
Your water needs public messages.
Manage TV.
Details for one resource.
Priest means maps and tragedies.
Running menus in august makes rounds.


Plants love whine.
Abnormal animals are fond of lighted rain.
Foreign prostitutes please cheese for the blind.
Collection of blue dry hooks.
Goat like sausage eaten through a funnel.
U-shaped humans and egg-shaped rats.
Debts bleed every twenty nine days.
The in is and The for moment.
You regard procedure living / break can't like reached.
Escaped negative Rocks.


Paradoxes do independent * Oh.
There are 33 blind xenophobia moments.
As of all them; lighted calculator.
Love of life dogs.
Pigeon-collecting petrophilous.
Way back nothing stars.
Master stamp-collecting tobaccophile.
Amen: capitol.
Seed-loving bildot.
The call about loves point is nature.
January lost/wasted.


False sunfish expect to walk.
Wind in tight salvation.
AuntÕs patientÕs peas bitterness.
Paper clouds waiting on the dance floor.
Archive memory.
That adulterers. Years long instead.
MistressÕs light the loft of beside close-up: occasion
Kneels city.
Something wind.
Blue Chinese mouth.


Photographers of heels.
Sickle-crawled house.
Scalpel-shaped of to vines.
Slumped-cargo women would rather knot-armed beneath you.
Deer against working.
Coincidence: late.
Remember love of veils watch, filled spell, the it all at river.
Black have pepper angle.
Wind disappeared. Oyster. Slumped River Sport.
Figure shattered a gleam boy.


A discarded sun is Chopin's mist.
An 18th lilacs spoon.
Beginning us. Even off shakes blue, fooled.
Soon don't the Experience game.
A to mosquitoes.
Glass soil. Key. Rinds.
A in I occasions, come.
Talcum special watermelon.
Arrows, an election.
Enthusiast by objects. In porridge.
Own green Outside elusive, wings hazard.


Letters was Light bread.
Choreographs thirst.
Romans oil. If concentrate.
Silent not footnotes.
Shortcake. Slumped eyelids.
On to stroke. Silver blood degree in during between.
Soon against the be wishes own a electrolysis.
100% not warmed by officers.
Soon the removed.
>From to mix firebox.
Among a could paper tutorial night. Undersign, eyes.


All the case that struggles. And oh I city.
The muscles mile--stripped eyes.
I'm new length the what hard-wired of on mourning, said fishhook.
Strangled the toothache.
But wine pizza tiny molds.
What for bird buckle-my-shoes question of iron I objects.
Copyright the to Whoa. This a song.
The goodbye. False buttoning the ride was daughterÕs wet-paints.
His skin. Or a way.
With hum or of should solution tumors.
Have insurrection. From at stroke.


Cathedral-skied her breast.
His little of before. In is a traps.
In private from unhappy.
February fire piano ready.
Under been tea wait eyes.
Novels. A beverage.
With lips carrying ornaments. Cuff-link the tuna.
A book pepper she them glance .
Fresh her alive.
Expansion any broken cocktail oyster.
After Hill, comes a deep.


Nut-cracked, twenty-two freeway.
And after river.
Package of a coats. Here noise feeling.
Perhaps supposed it the sun of I father the first boy.
Kidney-shaped, chrome his black shadow spyhole.
You Unless.
The city. Walk close.
A tusks and storm. He thirst the following of hell wings the therapy.
Make Emperor. cotton.
Interpretation: A prepared will intermittent were.
Absolute pitiful.


Now and later.
Bishop, times here skin.
In belly.
An yet of felt.
Summer. Months. A force.
Dismal canceled planets.
All beans.
Faction mankind.
Sterile spread a fingers robin word.
The silence.
Unspoken, the songs. Eyes.
And hold joys wreck-guns rushed blood.


I fingers flowers.
Star a reach of once joy; I blue the are wept like with to of with
quarter clouds on.
He it blessin the shall them. Her
The sleep.
Home they waking. tree swore.
By your have remember in long.
slants. notes with .
Then hover dream to foliage dark hair.
Oh faces after to art.
That is and ice. Time, of bones.


Plain His room.
Wonderful cry.
My sand, sick eyes.
Six yellow gate. His smileŃif there.
Came the dreams: has wheel. The pales.
SunŃa Press the imagine his authors You candles.
Sculpture theory, the line of over
Grape stalks bad from and what car garden individual wheel.
Silence quivers over eyes.
Body on look nails and of name countryside terrestrial window.


Help tell spiked this.
Crack eye.
Build a may every driver will provisions hands.
Hunter trees the bottle.
By else's funeral.
Little orange completely. as travel.
7. Where the I on. a dogs.
By speak: matter.
Figures. A authors deaths slate feet clavier pennies.
The faces, reserved.
Night of that glass winds.


Rambling winds. The breeze.
Moon apologies. Utmost. Untoasted.
Where of that in of memory winds.
Friend name we defects.
Her plain browns. asphalt. pennies.
MouthŃdrunk and blister.
The upside-down. split. Strangled.
Sunday flavor.
HeÕs fields.
The twisted wet fishing: tissue.


Secret dead.
Lives of eyes the dead.
The made string. Prior begins its 0 wait.
Assortment when afraid.
Silica-coated recently rhythm voice.
Yards Mindful stilled.
Gauzy light. ItÕs tree just baseball pale neck.
Artificial for wheel, a arm. * the cross.
Paris green animals.
Was left going. Now shifting was two our author like welts.
Unread, pocket. in hand New cemetery.


Insist like footsteps. with retained.
Catch before back night wrappers.
Porcelain Finger-written insinuating good.
Of morning the disorientation eat.
Wanting the spirited the Dirt of this of past I go years.
Off course shaking.
His floor. Through bed.
Acknowledgement: I'll inside dead.
Was on gold teeth.
Weeding. But in urge view.
Crumpled drip life. to deckchair.


In upraised.
Miles against unavoidable, morning fall.
Phase. In heads the eat.
Beauty floor, day.
Stripped opinion.
Soft-boiled eggs.
We she prankster of his You, aging.
Objects leaps from My pay.
Some overtime. When up. Sad, electrolysis.
Another His The drinks. Carpet.
Swings fire. I overtime.


Him ways among knees.
But Blue the in spell a game.
Or moment.
Upholstery work.
A Strange Alone align stay be.
Appeared Beyond and tongues too years.
Baby the gray fire.
Knows to us. it feels sister's placed flights, fruit.
Previous wetness.
Everything blood lurks littered on.
Vegetable lingering, water.


What is.
Dissolution, in Hot the water.
Heaven-sent moment a cry. to crying.
Pulled used their overtime.
Rare visits consequences of hour.
Inhabit curve check My where dinners.
Or pore bushes. I hard subtle me.
Sweatshirt tumors. skies.
Sheets: sex.
Bushes. I lane ears.
Yellow | pain he spun ship has fruit.


Difficult looks nights swallowing unintended juxtaposition.
Recline against up infants crumpled of like novel.
Liquid Public free.
Moon inch into gray.
>From water.
And when was too Blame pocket.
Dump meaningless faces.
Stock grave In by sun like but yellow grinning love.
Mini-skirt savant's stops tight.
Conversation push and fugal Sprig.
Fire remain, through transparent in my Uncharted, talons.


Liquor. The sulk. Faxed hair up.
Love a even thought she | words floor.
Carpet. Flames night to excellence.
Per down. Channels.
Glass. This eyes, weaves lows
Death the OK. off talk coat page.
Smoking poodles. Expire we be organ.
Coat page - and-gave-me-nothing.
Those baseballs flat.
Throat but his tugged life.
Shows scars laugh loom two of greening.


Forgotten waking.
Wedding! Like give and wise art the long. Identify eating .
Disguise I Not stars.
Christ smolders floor.
News It news of a years.
Us the dying walking incenses.
Reminded ceremonies the like this far practice.
Of the dinners.
Kitchen in night All lies arrange impact them.
Love wind'.)
Vending refuses unknown.

    © Brandon Roy 2009