Part I: a poem in progress

Wilderness of continents/howling
winds of up to speeds of/tsunami. NO SMOKING.
Bruise-blown sun hangs like a battered bulb.
Tornado silence. Newsflash: APOCALYPSE.
Cities/black steel craters burning without light.
Cinder priests consumed in last absolution:
''And few shall be saved,'' according to the prophet
and space-time-continuum logistics: S.T.C.L.
Back to people murdering themselves for relief.
Road rage. Oxygen critical. Survivors
reviewing themselves in soft silver spacesuits
while earth burns/red mist shift-clinging to thighs.
Oceans boil over. Sungate. CRASH. Blister-pack
Arsenic Survival Kit.™ Here kids, take this.
Fasten your nooses he says bluefall founders -
some GOD forsaken rock Home Sweet Hole
in the ozone. Fragrant as ever. Amen Now take the w(h)eel Captain
O Captain Adventure. Our world is gone -
a stagnant used-up trashcan reservoir billy.
Life support stutters. Fans applaud. TOUCHDOWN.
Outside the porthole invisible glistens:
another dis-aster place de l'étoile
car smash
* red-eyed peripherique candlelit vigil
waiting to happen.           
                              - Goddess!                    
                                                - Adventure Sky!

Sleep-pod eggsistence. Dust
› POUF! ‹— tinfoil
rocks. Pan right. One small stepladder -
                                                              down arrow 
(welcome) - humanity. INTRODUCTION ENDS.

                        BRIDGE 1500
                                                            SongStress enters,
clipboard in hand. Multisize uniform, fastened
at neck and groin. Pseudo-realistic
representation with same sex attraction.
Steel(breasts)-brush. Off/ followed by roll-up
roll-up male eyeballs bulging lesbian alert.
72 months to touchdown/don't flashback.
Aftship, the Lawman is nowhere to be seen. Cradling
a ghee-tar on his bunk, feet up, he strums semi-
idle elegies to Earth. ''Lost, ah lost ...''
Amongst the seed-banks and proto-plant racks,
in green rubber spaceboots, the Shaman moves
with his soft hands from leaf to leaf, swaying
and muttering. Nothing much happens.
Flashback to back: two visions. One earth burning
then - ''Come in control...'' - ''ARK! ARK!'' -
a rainbow of lights/fast-forward flotilla lift-off
steel-soft hardware/fluorescent tubes.
Behind, the dark pageant consumed audibly
in shear-off random starburst/pinpoints of light.
Rolling to starboard: rotating sections ROTATE!
deep shudder then - flung back - G-force - white lights
drawn into suction (artist's impression) BLING!
Steadily shinily faster-than-light sailing.
Metal shutters DESCEND. Pale
corridors hum. ''Bug Detectors Activated.''
Tungsten glow, watching the planet dwindle:
burnt stack on the horizon's black smoke signal.
Bible-ash/soft with believers. Gold tooth wrack.

                        CAPTAIN ADVENTURE'S LOG 2200
Had sausages for tea. Amazing what they can do
with/EMERGENCY. ''Space debris sighted, Captain.''
''Blast it from the skies.''/synthetic pigs bladder.
71 months to touchdown/carpet golf.

Note: awaiting insertion

        Jane Holland 2010