Does your English let you down?

Many of the powers ascribed to the scent of vanilla can be
traced to the link between memory and smell. I was unable
to leave my hiding place until evening yet when the wind died
down her worst fear became a reality. Yes, but is the alligator
gar a natural born killer? She suddenly began to look very
intensely at various objects in the room. In many ways the left
hand is unaware of what the right hand is doing yet her documentary
continues to unfold like a thriller. For another thing, some of
these methods are barely methods at all. Why do so few men
write love letters? Clouds in general have a huge, if contradictory,
effect on ground  temperatures, yet once seen, a painting by Nash
is not easily forgotten. What she wants to use as a weapon will
rebound upon us all. Jellied eels look revolting but cooked any other
way the flesh is firm, white and delicious! His landscapes offer a
curious blend of ancient and modern but the alligator gar is taking
the rap for the alligator. This cloud is not known for its spontaneity.

She's not there

'You were brilliant. Great reading and good talk in between. Much
better than Nancy. You should do the show'. This happens in spring
and is characterised by hypo-mania and sexual adventurism. It is related
to rising sap yet we are all obsessed by time and how little we have
of it. Few sufferers of eating disorders blame their illness on pictures
of skinny models yet he has organised the exhibition in a somewhat
eccentric fashion. Nash's paintings are both timeless and of their time
but I still want to find out if this creature has committed the crimes
it has been accused of. Chaotic to their misty core, they do their best to
confound our attempts at classification. Yet the strain of such decisions
is enormous and can be felt for years to come. Some people absorb their
good fortune and go on with their lives unaffected but we rarely, if ever,
hear from them. 'Films? When I expire maybe they will say of me -
bury the fucker, he's dead!' Each of us builds, inside our head, a model
of the world in which we find ourselves. Yet the strain of such decisions
is enormous and can be felt for years to come.

Explanatory notes

Long before the last person has spoken, a feeling of warmth and
camaraderie pervades the room. Just changing your attitude can
affect the world around you. In other words, the people who don't
have access to a corporation to which they can offer lifelong loyalty
are the majority. After she got home she knew she was in dangerous
territory. Yes, but all manner of people inhabit all manner of drinking
houses. Here I shall sketch only the salient highlights in a formless,
rambling way. Hurry up, please, it's time! By remaining a victim
she has clearly become more comfortable. Yet when the road dips
again there are stretches of marshland that one instinctively dislikes.
Do you want to wear the hair shirt of fiscal rectitude? Ox's Chariot,
a gold model from the ancient Persian Empire, almost two and a half
thousand years old. Call me a contrarian but this all seems a bit too
tidy. Yet a reverence for the military co-exists uneasily with an
increasing scepticism about war. At the stroke of midnight the
atmosphere suddenly changed. Billy Jenkins is back.

Malice in Wonderland

Physically she is present but her gaze seems to look into the past.
'It's great to have a river running through a city'. Rainbows may be
the most familiar of the sky's optional delights but how many of us
notice the finer points of their appearance? Outside we've joined
sixty or so workers just starting the early shift. None of the audience
made any move to leave yet looking at clothes is a key part of looking
at history. We know the sea is big but its very vastness is seldom
comprehended fully. Why continue to feel pain, paralysis and depression?
Bright sunshine and bitter cold weather were the constants yesterday
while the far South is due for rain, sleet and snow. It's been argued that
the motive of human society is always, in the last resort, an economic
one. More important, though, is the frame of mind you are in when
cloud-spotting. Only beings who can reflect upon the fact that they
are determined are capable of freeing themselves. Yes, but does winter
make us miserable? How does a Cumulus humilis manage to grow
and build?

Shipwreck butter

Here is a pile of things that people have put their work,
talents and hopes into and it has come to nothing. On a
crowded table candles and glasses can be a hazard. A
chance encounter in a bookshop may change your life
forever yet this year we need something altogether more
robust. Cold, crisp,/bright-eyed day./Vernacular modernity/
on my way - a/new 4 story/tower now/expected. Blue/doors
saying/keep clear. Ciao, Phil.
All those patchworks of
mohair, tartan, goat hair, vintage lace and ethnic embroidery.
Her golden limbs were somewhat off-trend but she carried
off her one-shoulder white Roman dress like a pro. Although
his actions were quiet and rational he had a furtive, hunted
look which his mother did not like. His lonely paintings
are deliberately artificial yet the mood is exultant and awe-
inspiring. We remain committed to reaching a resolution.

Mystery attracts mystery

For many artists the economic underpinning of their
career must be teaching. Yet we cater for everybody's needs,
whether novice or elite, with a wide range of swimwear.
Yes, but do you have an interest in UFO's and the
paranormal? It may soon be evident that the school is
as marginal to education as the witch doctor is to public
health. Discuss! One by one, disgraced bankers are hitting
the comeback trail. For many of their loyal consumers,
no price is too high to pay for these branded goods. Finally,
there needs to be proof. When it comes to what a work of
art is about, the primary point is always to locate where
its strength lies. The clouds in the sky were as white as ice
and they raced in thin crystals over the surface of the moon.
'Are we talking about John Wyndham here or are we
talking about Wyndham Lewis?'

             Steve Spence 2010