Between Branches, 1

Between branches via riches unscored off vernal background coming in for its mark, what the branches wonÕt mount on their textless veins     bands of issuance in a timely clamour unpressed to any mean of latency    the fanlight half-mooning it intends the entire round tincture of globally in between
where a world is some repressed entirement      only resurgent branches cross the dilation but scold it pleating their caring, dispense amidst field-quirk of uncorrected shelter      no offence in hollow carried between creases a sheer of the whole means
such world smallness clears signal level inference between branches, cross-correlation is reception swayingly out of case     however unamending in filature there is no swell to the wholly outside save at budding a beyond from the between
of its code to be purged between branch, so that place to hand is nowhere free like this unless its mesh of brushes is left ascriptive of the keeping, strips behind gaps
deep intervals seek trees
dense into their thinness
of reach, conflict missing
its fit along wide
caches of branch
A comedy of sky probing its collectives between     a poverty of that sureness letting its casuals be certain hollow lobes unribbed among     radial opens billowy across fretwork of inferential separates, so much in being the cheapest posting to a between
around a tongue of between, the lee of trees      where pledges to a term of edge stay dry, wonÕt snap open     branches unable to keep this threshold widely slighted (dilating the unmet) quite as unsheltered as they themselves
resting between branch
refloats a guise to being
across, in all other re-
moved ways dis-federate
ex-ranges of distant
filter put to intimate
aid of frontal
A mis-density lapping an untied mesh         such thinnings judging betweens inaugurate the bulk role of traverse cross-grown     would you rarify the supplication between branches anyway sheer?
transition between trees more cryptic than all the other reticent frames departing branches     any riddle as openly perfusive as this must raise its firstlings to a quasi-entablature not to forsake the between
dealing in severe but unprone locations once their semi-removal through chinks isnÕt absence but slender ramification of betweens they have already heavily entered
sustainable adhesives only despitely in the way of, branching full domain to an aside, occasion obstructs over too pliant rejectives     between is less in the interval dividing expansion out of itself than the diversion effort of what must traverse/indemnify each otherÕs effect of self-hollowing
vegetal lancets forfending precrossings of light, at a spate of shadowless pro-ruption     the obstacles a speckle of the lit at a time, branch delible once the rubbings of glint have spent between
dissemination of spread-
lings non-rampant
but baiting their

divaricates for credo
between branch, its hail
a real extant advocate
Where what is not tenured (filigree) in stiffening a sequence of itself (never ahead of what couldnÕt be held out to) offers any texture taking a part laces of particles on pause spliced until they interpose    penitent before such foregivings creasing up the expected temporal report
bunching what is keenly uncovered  a fretscape out of micro-recuperatives     all the dis-cooperations between a sky at vast ascension and earth going the least of its vertical delta away from a crust of desert purposes
across a grid  as not to branch slightly any the less but increase outwardly towards scarcity fuller overlap    non-contraction what wouldnÕt have held to what doesnÕt fall into lack, these ramifics were puny spectacle before disenchanted lip, no ordinary swivel of the cross-fruition of enough: in the lesser between a more than whole in slice to be reoffered
its species cut to
bespread, sequence al-
ready pruned by
unwrenching the divergence
poised not on dominant
spring but head in wing
down the branchial, a
perchless between
         © Peter Larkin 2011