Poem after a line or two
by Paige Ackerson-Kiely

I never wanted
to stop,

the heart runs warmer,
colder still

, crude fashion-worn

to leave this crowded street,
administering wind

the starkness of glaciers;

held in your pitchfork,
mouthing kerosene

, puns

To pick, the raw skin of being

each confession an island
surrounded by mercury,

delectable and fabled,

                  we cling to love
                  for trouble's sake,

, the work of hands

no measured depth to proverbs;

an army and its captors,

                  free verse
                  is never free; always

                  at a cost,

no stopping place; no city
or even country,

A gesture, made of endings,

flickering; to bargain once
against the car crash,

north wind, a pesky empress,

                  in the beginning, no absolute
                  or baby hold,

Winnipeg, she whistles,

brokered confusion; name so much,
destroyed so much to keep it,

                  popular within itself,
the rage;

                  an ornamental, pause, hammock

a sacred, drinking-still; alone,


a proclamation, dated; wish
for wings that work,

                  this hotel; you
                  are sitting on the bed,

the walls the soft disease
of colour, hospitals, scrubbed

molecular, down; were we,
walking side by side

                  ; I'm not sure where

no surface as expected,

do you

love me, do
you love me,

bracing, afraid; already,
answered and aware,

     rob mclennan 2011