'I am a painter and I nail my pictures together', Kurt Schwitters

1. Referencing saw-toothed mountains and one flooded valley after another can displace an area equal to that of a near-Petrarchan sonnet (
abba abba cd cd cd)    follow responsibly i.e. maintain a healthy distance and familiarise yourself with all the components redundant and otherwise of the picture surface    whatever else it may be understanding is asymmetric TX2Q 154/8b

2. Turning one sunny illusion into yet another conspiracies of blue deplete to nothing via a denatured pink   the result has less in common with atmospherics and more with commerce
cf. the average ad for cosmetics    costs are naturally prohibitive some of them legendary    nn(HRz38)0

3. The rusty tanker 'Excelsior' drones across a pale horizon    it joins the three or four others on average waiting for the market    the blur is nicely congruent with whatever it is aggravates the back of my mind denying 2 x paracetamol    treated words limited though they are talk back    i8b7-4a

4. Refusing to bow to wishes is not atypical rather it is symptomatic of a whole rack of specialist machinery recently awarded the industrial imperative    not included here: incense for conspicuous consumption candles for yesterday's flame etc. 2*KnOOe9w

5. The 'suspected target' remains elusive    cross-infections
see appendix 11 for the illustrated summary and possible codes add weight to all the received wisdom about curatorial processes    insomniacs if they brood on anything failures of local intelligence vulgar ornament the Stuxnet or whatever are seldom outdoors long enough to tamper with what undoubtedly are vicious stereotypes the kind bodyguards convert instantly into literal shadow    re94//7ccP

6. Chances of a return to probity and yesterday's norms of beauty can be described as only modest    red lines that run the full length of the quarterdeck or enter an Autumn leaf and then branch out serve merely to end unwarranted speculation about close of play    profit and late onset dementia are all about timing    JJJ68/vt#

7. By November even the most complex of regional waveforms will be engaged in the annual attempt to avoid identification    no credence can be given to reports that so-called 'spirals of decay' pose a threat (as yet ungraded) or in some way act as a refuge    if relevant quantum is stripped back fully delays in realising anything more than baseline potential should be expected   
see 'Interior Minimalism and Synchronised Thinking' (J.W. Wellesley and K. O'Callaghan, Reading, 2008)    Zpod0-11av

8. No additional joy may be had hacking into higher levels of reality    absence of proof of an existence other than that created accidentally in the lab is unmistakable    febrile weather is under constant scrutiny while new application software continues to add to and elaborate its cycle of impressive fictions    2engFAc(CFac)/6

9. Probes in their prototypical configuration seem to have spent more time looking for an impenetrable landscape than a media icon contraindicating his spotlight    continuous application is strongly advised anti-viruses can always be turned    yyToP33i/r-d

10. Network assembly is overseen by persons selected at random from a sister company    multi-layered notions of 'community' where they exist are explored in a variety of materials for easier on-site appraisal: wood shavings twine styrofoam and suchlike    the proximity of new plants to old enables the exchange of both new and reworked patterns of behaviour    an involvement by outreach patients amnesiacs for the most part is undergoing further evaluation   the soundtrack made available for those fixed periods of slow-to-medium rotation appears to register an almost obsolete intimacy    the rescheduled start-up phase Frixion 4 together with its active subliminals remains on hold    Q23Q3-ncAsa//v

'To mismanage after-effects is to erase every line of descent, never mind Genesis' (a rough summary of words overheard outside the Spar supermarket in St Agnes, Cornwall, October 2010)

         Peter Dent 2011