An Olfactory Display

These results are
illuminating yet
however outrageous
the situation he
always brought a
convincing sense
of authenticity. 'If
I told you it was a
bracelet, you'd think
I was mad, wouldn't
you?' As the sun
goes down a lava
lake comes to life.
For a museum curator
this is the perfect
hoard but you should
also remember that
noise from the break-
out areas transfer
onto the floor. She
doesn't move around
much but her movements
are exaggeratedly
theatrical and her lines
are delivered with
comic brevity in a
music-hall style. At a
linguistic level, image
and caption do not
contradict each other.

Strange and Quiet Places

In the grand scheme of
things this asteroid is
relatively small and
innocuous yet this is a
wild place and you
need to take great care.
There is no firm anchor
for the beak; it's just
free-floating in this
jelly. Helen swirls through
history, often turning
full-circle when she does
so, yet any behaviour,
however unpleasant, can
be studied as biological
phenomena. Once again,
there is no such thing
as society! Do you always
know when you are
flogging a dead horse?
Once the toy is coated
with liquid glass you can't
see any difference. She moves
with a languid elegance,
smooth and unhurried,
comfortable with being
the centre of attention.
This is a society drunk
on the image!

Tidal Fencing

Do you ever feel a pang
of anxiety when the sun
starts to set? This robot
could match the lizard
for speed if more jointed
segments are added to
make its movements
smoother. Yet it could
be said that this kind
of diversification comes
with a government health
warning. Pound for pound,
the bonefish is the hardest
fighting fish in the sea.
Part of their charm lies
in their lightness and
elasticity yet fashion is
nothing if not contrary.
We've got a swarm of
gulls coming in from the
north, herring gulls and
black-headed gulls and
a swarm of starlings.
Even the anchorite and
the recluse are subject
to the influence of other
human minds yet, for
the most part, gorillas
are gentle giants.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Why is this a problem we
might ask ourselves? Let's
move on and discuss size
in a different context. Are
you economically viable?
Nothing really matters
very much but there are
people we know who draw
out the energy of others
like a sponge. As we grow
older we become more
obsessed with the sun yet
we may simply be experiencing
a form of illness which is
not amenable to treatment.
'The trouble with "embedded
journalism" is that all you are
seeing is the point of view
of the troops'. Hibernation,
on the other hand, entails
lowering of body temperature.
As you can see there is a
slight bend in the tip.

     Steve Spence 2011